Are you a baby?

Most people think they are mature adults but the actually act like babies have you wondered if you are a adult or a baby well this is the right quiz just answer a few questions to find out

Most of the questions are about babies and baby stuff and what they do I,m not a baby I hope your not a baby this was just random I saw other quizzes like this please check out my other quizzes my name is it,z just TayTay

Created by: It,z just TayTay

  1. What is your age
  2. Do you wear diapers and use the bathroom in them( be honest)
  3. If you wear diapers what kind are they
  4. Do you have a pacifier or do you suck your thumb
  5. Do you have the training toilets
  6. Do you eat baby food
  7. If yes what kind is it
  8. Do you have baby toys or clothes
  9. Do you use a feeding bottle
  10. Do you have the baby jumper swing or talk like a baby

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Quiz topic: Am I a baby?