are u a Harry Potter lunitic

Hey person whos about to take my awesome quiz. Do you know if youre a true Harry Potter lunitic?Do you pay close attention to what they say in the movie and book?Do you think you know it all?Well take this quiz and find out!! :D

Please comment and rate this quiz,its my first one! Please tell me where I can improve. Dont be too harsh.Wishing you luck my fellow Harry Potter fans.Rember everything you know about Harry Potter. Good luck!:D

Created by: crazychick

  1. is Sireous Black a...
  2. what is Harrys fathers name?
  3. who is Dobby
  4. who is Buck beak
  5. what is a muggle
  6. who r Harrys main bffs
  7. what does Dumbledorr teach
  8. what day does Harry find out hes a wizard
  9. who tells him about wizardry
  10. Hermiones a...
  11. Ron is a...

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