apart from the apartment test.

Apart From The Apartment is a big role play i made with horror suspense and romance. Just like what I like. you all are awsome. thanks guys and have a nice day.

If you wanna join feel free to ask. Unless your gonna be a jerk (like geeky letica). Other than that you can. Go ahead and think about it. Remember ill be waiting for you.

Created by: d_h

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  1. which is Revenger's most important weapon?
  2. what dimension does the candle prevent?
  3. How did Drad save revenger in the beggining?
  4. what relationship do Pheonix & Revenger have?
  5. sinin wants to
  6. Who is Grayden?
  7. is Revenger invincible?
  8. Is kate part cyborg?
  9. Is kate part cyborg?
  10. Was NED evil at one time?

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