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Will you get the chance to be with Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Ever thought how life would've been if you visited Hogwarts? So many questions yet there is only way to find it out. Take this quiz and get the opportunity to meet beloved characters from the Harry Potter series and become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley and Oliver Wood.

Before you read, I wanted to make it clear that this story is intended to be a romance but so far, there's ambiguity in the name but that is intentional. I may change the name but for now, it will still be called 'Another Hogwarts Story'. Okay, so if you bothered to read this, you deserve to enjoy. So now, I'll let you read in silence. (:

Created by: hp4evr

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  1. Aghast by the horrible spectacle in front of me, my hand had instinctively reached towards my mouth without me being conscious of it. The reaction of my fellow Gryffindors was not much different. They all stared in shock at the empty portrait with petrified looks, their eyes all wide because of horror of the scene. I glanced at Harry who seemed to be thinking about the same person I was thinking about: Sirius Black. Professor Dumbledore soon arrived at the scene; the Gryffindors squeezed to let him through and he stopped at the end of the corridor. He wore a sombre expression as his blue eyes examined the torn portrait and possibly, speculated about the causes of this dreadful incident.
  2. Professors Snape, Lupin and McGonagall had also arrived. 'We need to find her,' Professor Dumbledore said. 'Professor Dumbledore, please go and tell Mr Filch to search for the Fat Lady in every paintimg of the castle.' Professor McGonagall gave a nod at his words and was about to comply that a cackling voice stopped her. 'You'll be lucky.' We all looked above and saw Peeves the Poltergeist bobbing over our heads, looking extremely delighted and gleeful as he always was at the sight of destruction and wreckage. 'What do you mean Peeves?' Professor Dumbledore asked calmly. Peeves' face fell a little. Rude as he was to the students and teachers, he dare not insult Professor Dumbledore. Therefore, he adopted a rather oily voice and began, 'She's a horrible mess, your headship, sir. She doesn't want to be seen. I saw her running through the landscape up on the fourth floor, sir, dodging between the trees.' 'Where is she now?' Professor Dumbledore asked composedly. 'She's hiding in the map of Argyllshire, sir. She was attacked when she didn't let Sirius Black in without a password. He's got a terrible temper, that Sirius Black.' 'Thank you Peeves,' Dumbledore said and Peeves gave a stiff nod in acknowledgement before he glided through a thick wall and disappeared.
  3. Professor Dumbledore sent all the Gryffindors back to the Great Hall where we were joined some moments later by Ravenclaws, Slytherins and the Hufflepuffs. They all wore an expression of immense confusion and whispered among themselves before they were silenced by the teachers who had also reached down to the Great Hall. 'The teachers and I need to conduct a thorough search of the castle,' Professor Dumbledore addressed the students. 'I'm afraid that for your own safety, you'll have to spend the night here. I'm leaving Head Boy and Head Girl in charge. Any disturbance should be reported to me immediately.' I noticed Percy Weasley, Ron's older brother, with whom I never had a chance to talk with, looking extremely proud and important at this point. He was the Head Boy and from what I knew, a rather strict one too. 'Oh yes, you'll be needing this,' Professor Dumbledore said before he left the Great Hall and with a casual flick of his wand, the four house tables flew away and stood against the walls and with another flick, several squashy purple sleeping bags appeared and covered the floor.
  4. As soon as Professor Dumbledore went out of the Hall, there was sudden flurry of activity to be seen among the crowd. The students from other houses enquired the Gryffindors about the incident and Gryffindors, in turn, were found to be narrating the story to the rest of the school. The whole school buzzed with excitement while I stood in worry, still in a little shock. 'Are you alright?' A familiar voice said. 'I'm fine, Oliver. Thanks for asking though,' I replied. He was still dressed in his crimson quidditch robes and looked anxious though his expressions relaxed a bit on hearing my reply. 'Where were you when it happened?' 'I was eating the dinner, I guess,' I said unsurely, 'and besides, we don't really know when Sirius Black actually attacked the Fat Lady. We all were in the Great Hall and he might have got the chance to sneak then.' 'Probably,' he said more to himself than me. 'Oliver?' 'Yes?' He asked, his brown eyes apprehensive of my expected question. 'Do you think Sirius Black is still in the castle, is he?' I voiced my fears. 'I don't know Jane but-,' he suddenly stopped and stared at me. 'You're thinking of going after Black?' He asked plainly.
  5. I felt slightly guilty under his gaze although I shouldn't be. 'Of course not, do you think I'm insane?' I blurted after hearing the absurd question escaping from his mouth. Why did he think I'd go after Black especially when we all knew he was an insane murderer and probably wouldn't mind murdering again? 'No, you're not,' he replied, 'but I can't guarantee that you may not run into him.' 'I still don't see why you thought I'd go looking for Black when you very well know that I don't want to let him find me?' 'I thought you'd like the idea of an adventure,' he replied unsatisfactorily. 'You don't know me then,' I said curtly and crossed my arms. He smiled faintly at my reply as if he thought it to be humorous. 'Then I'd like to know you,' he said with a smile still playing across his face but it grew broader as I looked. 'That isn't funny,' I remarked although I still didn't know what he actually meant. 'You think I'm joking? I really do want to know you.' 'There will be other times Wood when you'll get the opportunity to know her but for now, you are supposed to sleep.' We turned around and met Percy Weasley's utterly boring and smug personality, who seemed to be determined to live up to his duties of a Head Boy. 'Right,' Oliver replied somewhat sheepishly with his eyes trying to avoid contact with Percy Weasley's spectacled ones. 'I think I should better leave. Bye,' I said in a mere whisper, which I know nobody had heard and with that being said, I tried to get away from Percy Weasley's presence as far as it was possible for me.
  6. In my way back, I bumped into a Ravenclaw whom I immediately recognised as Jeremy Lancaster, the boy I had met in The Three Broomsticks. 'I'm extremely sorry,' I apologised when I noticed the encounter had in fact resulted in his loss of balance and thus, in the breakage of his spectacles. 'I didn't mean to,' I immediately took out my wand and directed it at his glasses. 'Reparo,' I said the incantation which repaired the damage, making his glasses, if not more, as good as new. 'It's alright,' he replied well naturedly as he observed that I had managed to repair his glasses and not severed the damage. He did have a nice disposition after all. 'By the way, are they saying the truth? I just heard Terry Boot claiming that Sirius Black tried to break into the Gryffindor common room,' he asked in disbelief whilst he tried his newly repaired glasses. 'Unfortunately, Terry Boot is right. Sirius Black did try to get inside and attacked the Fat Lady when she didn't let him in and that's why we're all here, because there's still a chance he might be inside.' Jeremy didn't like this piece of information as the expression of disbelief had been replaced by an anxious one but I assured him that with Professor Dumbledore in charge, no harm can befall the Hogwarts students.
  7. 'Lights out in ten minutes,' the Head Boy's callous voice said, announcing that all our conversations must be ceased for now and saved for some other generous time. 'Goodnight,' I said to Jeremy who returned a smile and thus, after excusing myself from his company, I found myself one of the sleeping bags in which I was supposed to spend the night. I slipped in the purple sleeping bag and stared at the dark glittery ceiling above me, which was similar to the sky outside, and then closed my eyes, with prayers still fresh in my heart that let everyone be safe.
  8. I slept well enough and I woke up the next day, finding myself to have slept a few hours more than I normally did, and it finally hit me that I might be in danger of missing my Potions class. Thus it was with panic and hurried steps that I made my way into the dungeons where Potions class was held. I swallowed nervously. As my mind prepared me to face the anger of the Potions master, I opened the wooden door and stepped in. 'You are late, Miss Crawford,' Professor Snape's cold voice greeted me. 'I'm s-sorry, Professor,' I stuttered. 'Can you give me the reason for your lateness?' He asked with his dark abyss eyes fixed upon me. 'I,' I replied, hoping my truthful answer would satisfy his curiosity. His lips twitched into a sneer. 'Miss Crawford, even a first year could have come up with a better excuse than this,' he said and a few Slytherins laughed silently at his statement. 'You need some tutoring in this field,' he commented. 'Let me see, what about you Potter? Are you willing to tutor Miss Crawford so that she could come up with some better excuse next time?' I was seething in silence. I might've turned a scarlet colour by now. I glanced at Harry who I noticed, had his hands in a fist. He didn't say anything however. 'Well, Miss Crawford, take your seat. We don't have much time to waste and remember not to doze off much longer than you should,' Professor Snape said his final words and I sighed with relief, quite glad Professor Snape had given up insulting me. However, the worse had yet to come. I looked over the class to find any empty seat but to my dismay, every seat seemed to be occupied. 'Professor?' I muttered. 'Yes?' Professor Snape looked up irritably. 'There is no seat for me.' 'Of course there is. You can sit with Mr Malfoy over there,' he said pointing towards the empty seat right next to Malfoy which I intentionally had not seen. I nodded and without another word, I walked to sit beside him whilst the Slytherins stared at me with amused faces. I tried my best to ignore them.
  9. 'You're late, Crawford,' an amused voice said when I sat on the seat. I turned to face Draco Malfoy who was wearing his characteristic smirk on his pale face at the sight of me. 'I think I already know that, Malfoy. No need to tell me again,' I replied curtly. Instead of a reply, I received a smirk, the very smirk that had become the signature of his personality. 'Where are your pals, Malfoy? I thought they followed you wherever you went,' I directed my question to Crabbe and Goyle. 'Not everywhere. I do let them them enjoy on their own for once.' I rolled my eyes; he was such a conceited boy. He talked about his friends as if they were his house elves. I took out my Potions textbook from my bag and placed it on the table. 'What are we making today?' I asked him, though I wished I hadn't. 'Can't you see the blackboard for instructions, Crawford?' He replied irritably as he tried to light the fire. I sighed and looked up at the blackboard where 'Hiccoughing Potions' was written in Professor Snape's handwriting. I went to the supply cupboard and some moments later, I returned to the table where Malfoy had already started making his potion and it now simmered in the cauldron.
  10. I lighted the fire, placed my cauldron onto it and added some ingredients while I treated the others. Most of the lesson passed in silence because to my relief, he was too busy with his potion and must have wanted an O for it. I noticed he was very good in Potions, the thing which I accepted with quite reluctance. At last, when we were finished with our potions, had them in phials and had our counters cleaned, only then did he speak. 'So, Crawford?' 'What?' I asked confusedly. His grey eyes shone with a mischievous glint as I looked at him. 'I'm asking about the attack.' 'Oh,' I furrowed my brows. 'I think you already know all the details, Malfoy. It's impossible if you don't.' 'I want to hear it from a Gryffindor?' I let out a small sarcastic laugh. 'Since when did you become intetested in the 'Gryffindor account', Malfoy?' 'You see, I want to keep my information accurate,' He replied with a smirk. 'It already is,' I assured him. 'Miss Crawford, show me your potion.' It was Professor Snape who was now standing at our table. He examined it with a critical look and after some time, he handed it back. 'Mr Malfoy-' Malfoy proudly showed Professor Snape his potion who examined it with an encouraging look. 'Excellent, Mr Malfoy. Ten points to Slytherin.' 'And for you Miss Crawford,' Professor Snape turned to me. 'This potion could not have been made without some professional help.' I stared in disbelief. Was he suggesting Malfoy helped me with the Potion? Now, why on earth, of all the people, would he help me? 'Sorry, Professor, but Crawford made it all on her own. I didn't help.' I stared in mild shock; I didn't expect it from Malfoy and for one wild moment, I believed myself to be in a strange dream. Professor Snape didn't doubt his words and left the table, leaving me in debt to Malfoy. 'Thanks,' I mumbled. 'I deserved it,' was the arrogant reply but after some time, he returned a smile, a very un-Malfoyish smile. I blinked. 'It's alright, Crawford. I can be nice sometimes to certain people. Just don't tell anyone.' I looked up and he was still smiling but as I looked, it changed to a smirk.
  11. The rest of the lessons flew away and finally the bell rang, heralding the break and I went outside to join my Gryffindor friends. 'Hi, Neville,' I said when I spotted a brown-haired boy. 'Hello.' We decided to walk back to the Gryffindor common room for we had heard that Fat Lady had been temporarily replaced. 'Jane,' Neville said. 'I hope your Potions class didn't turn out bad?' 'No, it wasn't except for a little trouble with Professor Snape,' I replied with a kind smile. 'It wasn't good for me though,' Neville said gloomily. 'Why?' I asked with concern. 'Professor Snape treats me badly.' 'Professor Snape treats everyone badly, except of course, the Slytherins.' Neville smiled half heartedly and we soon found ourselves in front of the Gryffindor common room. The Fat Lady's portrait had been replaced by the portrait of Sir Cardogan and his fat grey pony. 'There you are,' Harry cried when he spotted us. He was standing outside the common room along with Ron. 'Why are you standing here?' I asked. 'He won't let us in,' Ron answered, pointing towards the old knight. 'He says he'll only let us in if we win the duel against him.' Sir Cardogan, however, was forced to open the portrait when the password was uttered, for he, with all his bravery and swords, couldn't resist its magic. 'You little rascals, you're-' and here the knight employed an epithet which is as harmless as a flobberworm or a duck, but in general, represented by a dash. However, all his voice had been drowned the moment we entered our beloved common room. I sighed as I entered the familiar territory. It had been a hectic day.
  12. *hp4evr* So, I didn't take forever to post, did I? I hope you enjoyed. I think it was somewhat longer than the previous editions. I managed to include everyone this time and it's a great achievement for me. I still need to work a lot on the options but hopefully, you can expect some improvement next time. Also, as per promise, I made the results this time. Please rate and comment. Constructive criticism is also welcome. Until we meet again! (:

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