Another Hogwarts Story 5

Did you ever wonder how life will be if you ever visit Hogwarts? This quiz is surely for you. Here's your chance to meet beloved characters from Harry Potter and become friends or more with Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter and Oliver Wood.

After an eventful Divination lesson, you are feeling a bit down. However, it can be changed. How, you ask? To find it out, let's see in this edition how your next day turns out to be. :)

Created by: hp4evr

  1. The rays of the morning sun were spreading slowly across the green pastures, caressing the distant mountains and gave a reddish tinge to the otherwise dark sky. Some of the rays fell on the waters of the Black Lake below and it shimmered under the light. The scenery was 'magical' or it seemed to me and I could not help but regret waking late for most part of my life and for missing several dawn awakenings. I was standing in the balcony of the Gryffindor Tower and enjoyed the pure beauty of the morning world. The world seemed untouched and pure perhaps because of the reason that it was not tarnished by the evils of the humanity.
  2. Usually, it was not in my nature to be an early riser but this time, sleep had not thought me worthy of blessing me with its presence. I had been unable to sleep, less because of the fact that I had a vexing day before and more of the fact that I felt uncomfortable in the dull, closed environment of the dormitory. My cause of discomfort was still unknown to me but I had little to bother about it because all my worries had been temporarily driven away by the gentle breeze which touched my face and I wanted, with all my desires, to merge in the scenery itself. However, I was well aware that my desire was a silly one and could not be fulfilled at the present.
  3. I closed my eyes, letting the wind play with my hair and contemplated what had passed the previous day in the Divination class. Was I indeed destined to die young? Will I be not fortunate enough to trifle with the worldly comforts and suffer instead? Death, I knew it was the fate of every living being so why I am feeling uncomfortable at the mention of the word? I thought. There is no reason to ruin my remaining life in anticipation of an event which after all is the fate of every human being. It should not matter at which age it happens. There is no need to waste this moment on despondent thoughts. My thoughts were scattered and incoherent and I sighed, feeling helpless.
  4. 'Jane, what are you doing here?' The question was asked by the same person who had posed it before. I opened my eyes and saw the person standing besides me. 'Nothing, just enjoying the beauty of the morning sun,' I answered evasively. 'Well said but isn't it ironic considering your eyes were closed?' He asked. 'I only closed them a moment ago,' I replied curtly. 'Oh. Well, I must say that I believed myself to be the only one in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and particularly in Gryffindor to have a certain fondness for the morning air. I was surprised to see you here so early because otherwise there is an overwhelming majority of the people who prefer late rising.' 'I identify myself with the majority and it is an equally surprising thing for me to wake at an early hour. However, the fault partly lies to my inablility to sleep,' I replied with a half hearted smile.
  5. 'May I inquire the reason?' 'Nothing of great significance, I was just feeling a little... well, depressed,' I sighed and noticed the changing colours of the sky. 'I have heard that there is soon going to be a Quidditch match and that too against the Slytherins?' I asked in attempt to distract him from the topic of my distress. 'Oh, so are you depressed because you have little faith in the Gryffindor Quidditch Team or do you believe that Slytherins have a special skill yet unknown to us?' Oliver Wood asked with a seriously concerned face and irrespective of the fact that question might be considered to be an intimidating one and contrary to my feelings, I had a strong urge to laugh. 'No, however it may be the cause of your distress. I must also correct you that I do not doubt the capabilities of any of the teams,' I clarified while attempting to suppress my laugh but despite my efforts, a faint smile still managed to stretch across my lips.
  6. He smiled at my answer and then asked, 'Then why are you feeling sad?' 'I don't know from where to begin. I had my Divination class yesterday. Professor Trelawney said that I would die young and that my life will be full of sufferings,' I muttered as I was unable to keep all these thoughts to myself. I was not even bothered by the fact that I had not known Oliver Wood for much time. 'Is that it?' He asked and to my astonishment, looked as if he was suppressing a smile. 'Yes,' I said, confused by his strange response. Was he thinking that the topic of my death was an interesting, humorous one? I thought bitterly but fortunately, these feelings did not appear on my countenance. 'What a silly little girl!' He cried at last and leaned against the nearest pillar. 'I thought you had some sense.'
  7. 'I'm a 'silly little girl', aren't I?' I repeated his words with a tiny hint of sarcasm. 'Forgive me. You may be little but you are not at all silly,' he corrected his words. 'You know what, when I was in Fourth Year, Professor Trelawney had also made a prediction for me.' 'What was it, if I may ask?' I asked curiously. 'She said that a Bludger would crack my head open in a match,' he told nonchalantly. 'So, it didn't?' I asked, urging him to tell more but trying not to voice my curiosity in more enthusiastic words. 'Wait a moment! I remember, it did hit me during a match against Hufflepuff and Cedric Diggory managed to catch the Snitch because everyone was busy looking at me. We lost, only because of the stupid Bludger,' he looked immersed in the disappointing memory of the match. 'Sorry if it didn't help because I know it didn't.' 'No, it was fine,' I lied. To be honest, it made me feel worse and I felt my heart sinking.
  8. 'Jane, I was reading poetry a few days back. I think it'll help. Now, listen closely. 'And a day less or more; At sea or ashore; We die-- does it matter when?'' He recited the lines from a piece of poetry when he realised the previous discourse had actually aggravated my gloomy thoughts. I could not help but agree with the poet. The hour in which we died really did not matter; the more important thing was whether we had been able to achieve something worthwhile during our sojourn in this world. 'Now Jane, my point is, we all have to die one day and leave this world but to waste your life in its fear is not an excellent idea. Live the moment, that's the only way we can survive.' I glanced at him, feeling a bit amazed. I had always considered him to be a crazy Quidditch enthusiast and was surprised when I experienced the thoughtful side of his personality.'Besides, we all know Professor Trelawney is an old fraud so you may not exactly have to suffer,' he added with a smile.
  9. 'Thanks,' I muttered, mustering all my gratitude in a single word. I was feeling foolish at the moment for even allowing those despondent thoughts to creep in my mind. 'You're welcome,' he replied with a genuine smile. 'I hope you are feeling better?' I nodded silently in response. 'That is good. Now, if you remember I had asked of your favour.' 'Yes, I had agreed but you did not tell me about it,' I replied. 'Well, I assume that you are well aware of Sirius Black and the news that he might be after Harry Potter. Give him moral support, that's all I ask. I know you are one of his friends. I don't want my Seeker to be under stress because it may affect the performance of our team as a whole. I do have complete faith in him but the idea of a serial killer chasing your team mate is not exactly to be a comforting one and I guess it will affect any one to some extent. Distract him from Black, I hope you will?' He asked and I felt obliged. 'Of course, I will try my best,' was my short reply.'Thanks,' he smiled. 'Wow, I didn't notice! The sun is almost up and I believe most of the castle will be awake by now,' he observed as the sky had turned paler.
  10. 'Yes, I believe so,' I agreed. 'I think I should go now, my friends will be waiting for me,' I said with a polite smile. 'Sure,' he said. I waved and left the balcony for the Great Hall. When I reached there, I found Hermione, Ron and Harry already sitting in the Gryffindor Table and helping themselves with the breakfast. 'Hi,' I greeted them cheerfully and seated besides Hermione. 'Hi,' they replied. 'Jane, where had you gone? I didn't saw you in the dormitory,' Hermione asked anxiously as she took a sip of her Pumpkin Juice. 'Nowhere in particular,' I replied lightly as I took a toast from the table and started buttering it. 'I see, you are feeling much better,' Hermione commented with a slight grin on her face. 'Perhaps yes,' I replied and gave her a faint smile. She was about to say something else but Ron exclaimed and distracted us from our conversation and apparently she had forgotten what she was about to say. 'Wow, I had forgotten! Halloween is nearing and this means we will be having our first Hogsmeade visit!' Ron exclaimed and we looked at him with quizzical expressions. 'Ron, what made you remember ?' Hermione asked him. He was sitting in front of us with Harry. 'It just came in my mind,' Ron replied sheepishly. Harry did not seem interested in the conversation. 'Well guys, it seems we have something to look forward to this month,' I said happily and the feelings were mutual. It was funny to think that only some moments ago, I was feeling depressed and now I was completely different, cheerful and happy. 'I guess it is one of the mysteries of my nature which even I can't understand,' I thought and smiled for not even the fear of a despondent future possessed the power to ruin the moment.
  11. I managed to take this part out too but I believe that Part 6 will be real late. It was short but I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave any suggestions or ideas. Now, Goodbye. :)

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