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  • thanks for the suggestion. I know, I really hate Aiden, so its hard for me to make him into the story, but Wizlem will be easy, believe me or not, he is actually based on my bf. Matthew. lol!

  • awwww poor Tilar! i felt bad about making him stop smiling.

    :( hes so sweet! and the new guy is a jerk. i like the detail though! you've kinda made aiden and wizlem disappear so it seems like its mostly about tilar. you may wanna get them back in a bit more. ready for part 7! youre doing great:)

  • Don't like Maddox he seems weird

  • awwwww! poor Tilar that must have hurt, hes really has 2 pay more attention but i still luv him! awlsome quiz i think i'll post something about it on which will fall for you quizzes so more ppl will take ur awlsome quizzes ^.^

  • omg my poor tilar i feel so bad and that new guy is a big jerk anyway i love tilar and please hurry with the next ones

  • I feel bad for Talir . I don't like that new guy though .Nice quiz.


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