Am i good at yo momma jokes?

There are many funny people and good jokes. But am i funny and i know good jokes? Youre the judge here. You can say if They suck or are the best ever.

Have you sense for humor? Am i funny? Do i tell good jokes? Well you find out and i Will. Im having a bet with my friend. If this quiz is very funny, i win the bet.

Created by: shoottowin

  1. Yo momma is so stupid, she stayed up all night to catch some sleep! (If you think its not good and not bad then chose if you liked it more than hated or reversed)
  2. Yo momma is so fat, her farts cause global warming.
  3. Yo momma is so stupid, when she got locked in the grocery store, she starved to death
  4. Yo momma is so short, when she smokes weed, she cant get high
  5. Yo momma so hairy, the only language she can speak is wookie
  6. Yo momma is so ugly, when the kool aid man busted through her wall he said: OH NO!!
  7. Yo momma is so fat, her splash attack does Damage. (Dont get it? Watch Pokémon)
  8. Yo momma is so poor, when robbers broke in her house, They left money for her
  9. Yo momma is so fat, she got arrested for smuggling ten pounds of crack
  10. Yo momma is so stupid, she thought fruit punch was a gay boxer.
  11. Yo momma is so ugly, the forever alone Guy denied her friend request
  12. Yo momma is so fat, Stephen Hawkings based his Black hole theory on her a--hole
  13. Yo momma is so stupid, she brought a spoon to the super bowl
  14. Yo momma is so short, she hangglides on a durito

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