Am I fat? 12 year old girl :)

Hi my name is Trinity, I am 12 years old and think I’m fat, please take 1 minute off your day to help me and tell me what you think. I promise I won’t be offended people have already said I am chubby :)

This quiz is a multiple choice quiz, I will tell you a fact about me and you answer weather you think I am skinny, normal, pudgy, chubby, fat or obese. I promise I will not get offended so please tell me what you think :)

Created by: Trinity

  1. I am 12 years old, 153cm and weigh 110 pounds (50kg) am I
  2. My stomach is 31 inches (80cm) am I
  3. I wear size 14+ which means there is more fabric around the stomach section am I
  4. I am the fattest in my group of friends, I can never keep up with them when we are running, I am alway last to be chosen for P.E teams and my friends think I’m chubby am I
  5. I never wear bikinis but if I am forced to people my age look at me, I don’t feel comfortable because it shows my belly. I also hate any type of swimmers because it shows my belly am I
  6. When I sit down I get three massive rolls am I
  7. When I wear tight pants or when I borrow my friends clothes my belly hangs over about 1.5cm am I
  8. When I look down I see: my belly part and of my feet am I
  9. I usually eat 3 main meals, 3 snacks consisting of a treat and a fruit and I also have dessert this is what I eat in a day am I
  10. I don’t have a permanent double chin but if my head isn’t forward I get a really big one am I
  11. I have two small back rolls am I
  12. Overall do you think I am (I won’t be offended I just think I need to loose some fat and want to know your opinion)

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