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Haha I ain't got nothing to say, this is a personal quiz, anyways filler text go weeeeeeee filler moment like sus among us I am so sorry this is to fill the

fill the minimum word count because this website needs one for some reason idk why but it does, so I'll talk some more for no reason at all haha bro bruh

Created by: A Guy That Exists

  1. What does AGTE stand for?
  2. What was my last video as of 10/5/2021?
  3. Why was I banned from UTC?
  4. Which chicken place do I love the most?
  5. Which type of youtube content do I enjoy the most?
  6. What is the term I use when I do a little trickery as of 10/5/2021?
  7. Which of these fighting game franchises do I enjoy the most?
  8. Which of the following games have I played?
  9. What is the name of the delightfully devilish crime lord I love so dearly?
  10. Which of the following editing softwares do I use for my edited videos currently?
  11. What did I declare as my best video of 2020?
  12. How many parts of The UTC Saga are out as of 10/5/2021?
  13. How many Failed projects are publicly available as of 10/5/2021
  14. Am I anything more than my internet presence?
  15. How many videos did I have before cancelling my failed ARG?
  16. Which type of pet do I own?
  17. Which of these themes do I believe is superior?
  18. Which of the following media (made by me) does not exist as of 10/5/2021
  19. Is amogus still funny to me
  20. Is Big Chungus still funny to me
  21. Which of the following do I prefer
  22. Which of the following do I prefer
  23. Is my content good
  24. Which of the following is true about me
  25. Which of the following is a banger?

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