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  1. This quiz is basically one big story. Continue or not?
  2. First Story - You are on a bus to school/workplace and feel the urge to pee. It's nothing much so you ignore it. In fifteen minutes, you are shifting around in your seat with one leg under your bladder. You realise you won't be able to hold it another five minutes! You press the 'stop' button early and the bus stops shortly after. Cautiously, you walk off the bus and see a sign: 'Public Restrooms - 3 minute walk'You can see an alleyway you can make it to in under a minute. What do you choose to do?
  3. You have reached where you were running to, and pee in the toilet if you went to public toilets, or a private corner in the alleyway. You are about to pee, when you realise you are late for school/work! Very late! You decide to hitch up your pants and make your way to school/work.
  4. You open the doors to your school/workplace, struggling to keep all the pee in. You sit down at your desk and cross your legs tightly. Then you start to feel it... Drip. Drop. Drip...
  5. You start to run for the nearest toilets, trickling as you go. You then realise you won't make it, so you...
  6. You pee either into the bottle or in the corner of the storage room. It feels so good but then... "Hello? Is someone there?" You try to stop peeing but there are still drips coming."Hello?" comes the voice. You keep quiet until the person walks away. Your bladder feels like it's about to explode!It does.Pee spurts everywhere! Against the walls and up your legs. 'Oh no! What am I going to do?' You think.
  7. You make your way back to your desk, trying to hide your swollen bladder. (Yes, even if you kept peeing, you now need it again. Damn!) You shakily sit down in your seat and begin writing your to-do-list. It starts off with stuff like 'get new clothes' and 'clean my bedroom' but then you find yourself writing 'find a bathroom. I need to pee!'You realise the letter is right...
  8. Wherever you are (in your seat or on your way to your hiding spot) you start peeing everywhere! It spurts right through your tights/trousers and everyone near you is staring.
  9. You make your way back to the bus stop after a disastrous day, not caring that your bottom half is soaked. You end up falling asleep in your chair. Then you wake up in your bed, it was a dream!
  10. But then you realise you are lying in a wet, yellow circle...
  11. Then you feel something else... you need a number two. You rush to the toilet, but its locked! Without thinking, you relax, and all the poop comes out. You...
  12. Last question - Imagine you have to pee but you are near the sea. Do you...

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