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  • i agree great start :) i very much hope that i'll see the next one soon. good luck on it

  • I loved it! I hope you make a second one =)

  • Wow im glad you liked it!Thanks and ill try to put up another one soon.Love you all [in that best friend sorta way] :D

  • Good start!

    I agree with @Bluebird. It really is hard to create an original idea when HP has been out for a decade and there are many tales out there. However, I'm excited to see where your story takes all of us!

    Keep writing! Hoping to see another quiz out! x

  • great quiz I seriosly hope you make more it was really good and I hope to see another one soon!

  • It was a good quiz for your first one. I feel HP quiz writers like myself, @natuhleegayle, @HogwartsLove and so on have the most pressure because the HP series has been out for so long and it is a well known and loved franchise. And there are so many that's it's hard to be original. Anyway great start and I look forward to reading the next one. I'll be looking.


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