A Big Time Rush Short Story #1 pt.9

IMPORTANT!!!! I AM AMAZING AUTHOR, I JUST FORGOT MY PASSWORD!! Summary: So Now Carlos is driving really well but soon something tragic will happen and it's gonna tear him apart. Kendall is still parinoid and is freaking Out.

Disclaimer: I don't own Big Time Rush. If I did, I wouldn't be writing this.. Other things to say: I am so sorry I'm so late! My dad put the computer off limits so I have to do this all from an iPod. It's not as easy as you think. Since I don't have wifi and I borrow my neighbors

Created by: Ashl3y

  1. *****Carlos's POV***** "Logie!!!!" I shouted as he walked through the door. "Shhhh!!!" Kendall shushed loudly. "Sorry.." I said and smiles sheepishly. I gave Logan a big hug. He hugged me back. "Are you ok? You look dead." I muttered while taking his hands and swung them around. "I just still feel pretty bad about earlier. But I'm fine." he said. I nodded and pulled him in for another hug. Poor thing got hit for loving someone. I didn't quite catch who it was but I'm pretty sure he had to be awesome if Kendall hurt him. "I'm sorry buddy that happened to you." I muttered. Logan kinda sniffed me and sighed. "Dis you just sniff me?" I asked. A smile crept onto his face. "Maybe." he said shyly. Then his face turned into absolute horror. "Did you find out who..?" he trailed looking me dead in the eye. Why was he so careful fir me not to know who this dude was? "No, why?" I asked. "Just because." he said. For some weird reason, Logan and I just looked at Kendall at the same reason. "Hey, can you drink your hot chocolate in the kitchen. KendAll gave me this look that kinda scares me. He did with a huff leaving me with Logan. "Do you think I'm an Ugly worthless waste of space?" he asked as soon as Kendall was gone. "Wha? No! Of course not!" I said. Logan didn't say anything. As if he had trouble believing what I said. I pulled him closer to me. "Listen. I don't give a crap about who told you that you weren't. But, you are a very handsome boy. And how could such a smart and genius person be. Worthless and a waste?" I asked. Logan look to the side. "Well, Kendall told me that and he doesnt lie at all.. And.." he trailed. "Well he lied this time." I said. I kissed his forehead. "Goto bed. And please, sleep with kendAll and try to talk things out." I said. "No.. He hates me." Logan whined. "No he doesnt. He just gets a little jelouse and it gets to him just talk to him." I said. We got into a small argument but in the end, he just agreed with me. "Fine, but for you." he said. "Goodnight Logie." I said Nd kisses his cheek. He nodded and went unto the shared room. I suddenly had a crAving for oreos. So I went into the kitchen and grabbed my self a few. "Hey Kenny!" I said while biting into one. "Dont hey Kenny me." he scoffed. I didn't say anyhing while I ate my cookies. How could he think something like that? How could he not trust me? He always tells me that I am the most honest person he knows so what the chiz? "Goodnight." I grumbles and wen upstairs to go to bed.
  2. I got into bed with James and sighed. I was confused about my relationship with Kendall. I mean, I love him and all. But... Somethings weird. He tells me that he trusts me entirely but then he is l Always so scared that I'm cheating. Is Kendall just doing this for me? Omigosh. That would be terrible. If thAt was the case, id be feeling like an ass's ass. (haha get it?) I suddenly felt arms go around me. "You ok, my little 'Litos?" James asked me. I nodded. "Total lie." he said. I just now felt light in my face. I squinted at it. "Why are is there light in my face?" I asked. "that's been on." James said. "Oh." I replied and put my head on his chest.
  3. "Are you gonna tell me what's on your mind?" James asked as he fixed his hair. I shrugged. "If you care.." I trailed. "Of coursE I care. Now whats up?" he asked and held me tighter. "Well it's kendall. He always tells me he trusts me, nut then he always thinks I'm cheating on him. And i don't know. It makes me feel..." I trailed and sighed. "He's just scared. With all the crap he's been through, this the one good thing he's had, and he doesn't want it to go away from him." James said. For the second time, all I could say was: oh. I felt James's breathing get slower. I relaxed a little and thought about how we all met. James knew each one of us and then made all of us hang out together. He and Logan met at an after school program for people who wanted to Learn more math. Logan was there just because he wanted to. James because his math grades went downhill real fastly. Logan noticed James having troubles and helped him. The. They just became friends just like that. James and I met at a school feild trip. It all involved a swimming pool and my swim trunks got lost and I didn't know until i stepped out and everyone was pointing and laughing. I was so embarrassed that I could only stand there. I was suddenly lifted up. I was freaking out at first but then I realized how soft his arms were. "Who are you?" I asked. "I'm James, that kid who threw spaghetti at in that food fight at lunch." James said. "Oh, don't you find it weird that your carrying me naked?" I asked. James thought for a minute. "Nope." He went into the locked room and got things out of his locker and tossed then at me. "Here, you can wear these." they were his clothes. He was gonna walk out but I held onto his arm. "Thanks James. Could you wall out with me?" I asked. James laughed a little, and agreed. And since that day, we've just been friends. I tried to think about how Kendall and James met. But then I just realised that I didnt know how hey met. "James?" I asked. "Hm?" he hummed, his arms still holding me tight. "How dis you and Kendall meet?" I asked. James didnt say anything. "He said hi I'm Kendall.." James lied. "Dude, seriously, how did you guys meet?" I said. "Kay, you gotta promise not to tell." James said. Then I began to get worried. What if James and he were secret spies and they met at a strip club undercover? What if one of them got a lap dance from one them? 'ok Carlos, your just being ridiculous.' I thought as James just played with my hair.
  4. I nodded. James kept playing with my hair. "You have very pretty hair." he said. "Dude, just tell me how you guys met." I said, getting annoyed. "Ok, so I was sitting at home alone, my mom was at work, when I heard a knock on our door so I wen to get it. When I did, I saw Kendall all naked and he was really scared so I let him in and he told me that he was just raped. He just started to cry really hard and told me that he never felt so used before. I guess i felt really bad so I let him stay a few days. and then we just became friends." James said. "Oh." i was speechless once again. "Anything else like that happen?" I asked after a while. "Oh Litos.. You ask the worst questions." James sighed. I giggled a little. Then the door opened and I heard Kendall cough really hard. "Goddamn.. My throat." he said as he got into bed. "Kendall.. I wanna talk to you." I heard lLogan's quivering voice said with little confidence. "What?" kendall barked. I wanted to go over there and slap him fir being so rude but then I heard him apologize. "It's ok, and Kendall, I'm sorry.." Logan said. "WHAT?!" I shouted. How could Logan be sorry? He can't help his feelings! Then someone clapped the lights on and everyone was looking at me. "Haha.... Hi guys." I said while trying to look like I just woke up. "What was so shocking baby?" kendall asked sweetly. There was a smirk played onto his face. He mustve known I was listening. "I was thinking and something confused me... But it's ok now.." I lied. They guys seemed to have bought it. "Ok." they said and claps the lights off.
  5. ****A while back Before Kendall gets back from kitchen**** I finished my hot chocolate and put my mug into the sink. I wasn't quite ready to go back to bed sice Logan was there and I didn't know what he's do to me. So I decided to watch a little tv. Just to get my mind off things. I turned it on and it was on the local news. "And he beat her up for being true and telling him about her feelings. How curel is that, Tom?" the cheery news anchor lady said. I changed the channel, feeling a little guiltly. "I love you Bill." a teen girl with very red lips said. Bill kissed her, pretty much swallowing her. Then her fater comes in. "Samantha, I told you to stay AWAY from Bill!" Samantha's dad yelled and slapped her a couple times. I felt my chin tremble but I continued to watch. "You b------! She can't help how she feels!" Bill yelled. I let out a small whimper and flipped the channel once again. "How dare you love him while I'm dating him?!" A girl said while whipping someone. I snapped off the TV and sank down into the chair. I grabbed a pillow and stuffed my face into it. "Uggghh!" I felt a little better after doing that. "Kendall?" Katie's voice said in an asking tone. She was all dolled up for something and there was something white in her arms. She quickly realized it and told me she'd be right back. "So, Que es tu problema?" she asked as she sat down next to me. "Nothing really.." I didn't want her to know what I did. She'd probably be afraid to tell me her opinions. "So, What was that, that you were holding", I asked. I noticed that she was covered in white hair stuff. Then I started to get itchy everywhere.. I mean, EVERYWHERE. "Nothing!!" She yelled defensley. I started to scratch my neck. The itching turned into burning while it still itched. Now the itch went down to my back. "Hey, I know this is an odd request, but would you scratch my back?" I asked. "Uh, sure.. Where does it itch?" she asked and lifted my shirt. "Everywhere!!" I said. She shrugged and scratched my back. "Oh yeah, right there." I moaned. "Am I interrupting something?" Logan's voice asked. Kaitie pulled my shirt down. "No, you're not. Now sit down here." she guided Logan to sit next to me and I squirmed uncomfortably. "I'll put these in your ears.." she said and did so. Then I couldn't hear anything. Suddenly a blindfold was on my eyes. And then, nothing. I felt something behind my head and the blindfold was taken off. The things were then out of my ears. "All better? Yea, it's all better." Logan said and got water and went upstairs. I looked around and Katie was gone. "Where's Kaitie?" I asked myself and went to her room.
  6. "Whatever, she'll be back." I said and went upstairs. I felt my old symtoms come back as I passed by Katie's room. My throat and my nose was burning really badly. "Goddamn, my throat." I groaned as I crawled into bed. I got into a very bad coughing fit. I shoved my face into the pillow and coughed even harder, it racking my entire body. "You ok, buddy?" an innocent and quavering voice asked. Of course, it belonged to Logan. "No.." I whimpered. Logan's arms wrapped around me. "It's ok buddy, I got you." His voice whispered soothingly. I shook my head in disbelief. "What is it Kenny?" he asked me while kissing my hair. "Well after what I did, your still being so nice to me." I said. "Listen, about earilier, Kendall, I'm sorry-" Logan was cut off. "WHAT??!!!" Carlos shouted. I felt a smile find it's way onto my face. I clapped the lights on. "What is it baby?" I asked sweetly. Carlos ran a hand through his black hair nervously. "I was thinking adn something confused me." he said with his awkward, weird smile. "Ok." I said and clapped the lights out and went back into Logan's arms and talked some more. "Anyways, I'm sorry.." Logan said, I could tell he was sticking out his bottom lip the way he always does when he feels bad. My hand went to his cheek. "Hey, you shouldn't be sorry, kay? I should be. I shouldn't have eer hurt you like that. Logie, your my best friend. and bestfriends don't hurt eachother like that. I bet your not gonna talk to me.." I trailed and put my head in the crook of his neck. He still smelt like Green apples. "No, Kendall, look at me." Logan said while kissing my head. I still refused to look at him. He lifted my chin and held my head. "Listen, your not my best friend, Kendall, your my brother. Adn brothers fight all the time. So its ok." he said. "So when you gonna tell him?" I asked. He made this really weird sound in the back of his throat. "I don't know. Can I practice on you? Just react exactly how you think he'd react." Logan said while sitting up. I sat up and coughed really hard. I felt Logan rub my back. "Ready?" I asked and Logan nodded. "Hey buddy.." Logan trailed shyly. "Hi Logie! What's wrong? You seem downer than hell." I said in my best Carlos voice. I think I am doing a pretty damn good job.
  7. "Listen Buddy, I need to tell you something." Lgoan took my hand and squeezed it a couple times. "Good move." I whispered and nodded. "Thanks," Logan whispered back. "Um.. Carlos? Carlos, I can't hide this any longer. I love you." as soon as Logan said that, there was choking and sputtering heard from across the room. Of course it's my wonderful boyfriend, Carlos. "Are you ok, Carlitos?" Carlos nodded and finally got himself to stop coughing. "Yeah, I'm good right now." he said, with barely a voice. Poor boy. Suddenly, James's phone starts to vibrate and he picked ti up. "Hello? Oh hey, what's up? Ohmigosh, where are you? Alright, I'll be right there." He hung up, put a lamp on and got dressed. then he went to the bathroom. What was so important that he had to leave at 4:21 AM?
  8. OK, I am so sorry about my late updates. I finally got my computer so everything is ok. I will try to update tomorrow.. Ugh.. I'm terrible!!! And the tragic thing that is supposed to happen will happen very soon. Trust me. And What's gona happen next? You can decide.. Seriously, Just leave comments.
  9. So I got an Idea for the second short story. And I doubt anyone cares. nobody really even likes this I can tell...
  10. The next installment will be out soon, I have most of it typed on an IPod.. OOH! I have things to say.. YOu need to go on YOutube and listen to somethign...
  11. Go on Youtube, in the search bar type: K3ndallschmidt The A team. And listen to it. K3ndallschmidt is Kendall's youtube page:) Also watch the edge of desire which is Logan and Kendall:) I love those so much..
  12. Kay, that's all I have to say. Shoutout to Firey_Soul and Pielover511, for always taking these even when I update late!! Bye for now!!

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