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  • Shouldn't Carlos be dead???? Or in a hospital??? TEAM KENDALL!!!

  • Firey_Soul, James is like the more like that character who just pops up at the wrong times.. Nd yes that part was really sweet. And omg, Love me love me is an awesome song. All of the band members wrote it together. I listen to it when i have to clean. What did you think of the other 2 songs?

  • I just thought of two more things!
    1. Where's James in all this?
    2. I have "love me love me" stuck in my head!

  • Hm, I have a few things to say about this part.

    1. 1D more mature than BTR? That's a bunch of bull. I agree, anyone can like BTR, so whoever has a problem with it can firetruck off!

    2. I like this story because it's like a darker, more dramatic version of big time rush... unlike the cheesy show on nick. :P

    3. If Carlos got stabbed in the stomach... wouldn't he need to go to the hospital?

    4. I loved the last part, sooo sweet. :)

    5. Get over it, Logan. Kendall and Carlos were meant to be... oops, that was a bit fan girly. >.> *blushes*

    Anyways, keep up the good work! I'll look out for part 4! :)


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