♪*What ZoO AnImAl ArE YoU?*♪

This is my 3rd quiz and i was really bored.So i dont kno wat else to say oh yeah so....i hope u enjoy my quiz so.......PeAcEoUt!!!(=^"¢^=)OMG MORE WORDS:BYEBYE:}

Ok this quiz is about What ZoO animal are you and i hope you enjoy my quizz.....CyA,LaTeR,PeAcEoUt!!^"¢^♪♪♪I WONder about somthin???oh well CYA CYA CYA CYA CYA!!!!

Created by: PuPpYxoxo

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  1. Do u like waffles?
  2. outside?
  3. are u fun?
  4. wat zoo animal u wanna be?
  5. someone 4got to give u a present 4 ur bday wat do u do?
  6. will u rate[ikno i just ran out of questions 2 ask]
  7. oh,fav animal
  8. comment?
  9. cya
  10. ghxhkdko[no effect]

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Quiz topic: ♪*What ZoO AnImAl am I?*♪