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Do you fart a lot? What kind of farter are you? Do your farts really impress everyone as much as you think? This is the quiz for you! Just answer some simple questions.

It doesn’t matter if you are bored, having a sleepover, or just curious. Take this quiz to see how gassy you are, and what kind of gas. Now, let’er rip!

Created by: Alan1979

  1. How many beans do you eat a day
  2. Have you ever farted in public
  3. What word do you use for farts
  4. Do you like farting
  5. Have you ever farted on someone?
  6. what type of underwear are you wearing?
  7. Do you sag your pants?
  8. How much?
  9. How smelly are your farts?
  10. How big is your appetite?

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