"I Know Your Secret" readers come here!~rvelez~

Hello people.This is just an announcement that is really really important:o so scoll down and down and down and read from there ok my IKYS readers and please if you got questions ask:)

Keep on scolling down and check out Trusted Figments by: ICE_CUBE97 lol its me again but with a twist:P also part 5 of falling feathers will be out sometime next week.k?:)

Created by: rvelez

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  1. This quiz is for my people that read my series: 'IKYS'. I JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT PART 15 IS ON THE FORUM 'offbeat' under the thread title: 'Grrrr' and the subtitle: 'Can someone do me a favor?:('
  2. I will love to thank The Coldest Sun :D she helped me and posted the link for part 15 for me since I'm novice:/
  3. So please check it out like RIGHT NOW:P
  4. As for part 16 of IKYS It will be posted late and I mean very late.I haven't even started it:(
  5. I'm soo sorry though:/ anyways check out part 4 of Falling Feathers if you haven't:)
  6. REST IS RANDOM: oh I soo love chocolate and skittles.Best candy ever:)
  7. Who in here can't wait for the next part of DLMH?! I lOVE IT and I can't wait a sec.:P
  8. Results once again don't count:)
  9. One...
  10. Byez you gyes^

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Quiz topic: "I Know my Secret" readers come here!~rvelez~