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  • Your Result: ENFP 89%

    Extrovert, intuition, feeling, and perceiving. ENFPs are enthusiastic and creative. They have great people skills. They get bored with details, but like new ideas. They tend to be very bright people.

  • ESFP cool well i always thought i was to shy to be in center of attention XD maybe at schoool im not im loud there to students though not teachers adults make me nervous

  • I have a question you were the only thing i could click on. How do you get to your page with the list of quizzes? I made a username where do i log into it? i tried loging on to my quiz name and pw but i still cant get to my page. and went to quiz stats after and couldnt either. Im talking about my page with my name and stats and a list of my quizzes. post return comment on this page that i just posted to please.

  • I took the introvert quiz; it called me an extrovert.

    Then I took this quiz; it called me an introvert.

    Appar ently, I'm neither an introvert or an extrovert. If so, THEN WHAT AM I?!

  • ESFP. Yup. That sounds exactly like me!

  • Oh, sorry about that wickedblooper. I'll fix that.


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