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  • I have a question you were the only thing i could click on. How do you get to your page with the list of quizzes? I made a username where do i log into it? i tried loging on to my quiz name and pw but i still cant get to my page. and went to quiz stats after and couldnt either. Im talking about my page with my name and stats and a list of my quizzes. post return comment on this page that i just posted to please.

    Honeytoast Aug 21 '13, 2:30PM
  • Your Result: ENFP

    Extrovert, intuition, feeling, and perceiving. ENFPs are enthusiastic and creative. They have great people skills. They get bored with details, but like new ideas. They tend to be very bright people.

    OmegaWolf Jul 25 '13, 6:28AM
  • ESFP cool well i always thought i was to shy to be in center of attention XD maybe at schoool im not im loud there to students though not teachers adults make me nervous

    Regular_Catz Jul 20 '13, 8:42PM
  • Oh, sorry about that wickedblooper. I'll fix that.

    Sherbert211 Jul 20 '13, 12:47PM
  • I took the introvert quiz; it called me an extrovert.

    Then I took this quiz; it called me an introvert.

    Appar ently, I'm neither an introvert or an extrovert. If so, THEN WHAT AM I?!

    wickedblooper Jul 19 '13, 9:58PM
  • ESFP. Yup. That sounds exactly like me!

    pizzadude211 Jul 19 '13, 7:38PM

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