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Lucy Hale said:
Nov 29 '11, 5:01PM

Zombie Survival Quiz
Your Result: You'd survive a couple of hours.

You may have a little experience with fiearms, but not enough brains to live for to long, go play chess or something, its your only hope! What was that?! Somethings at the door!

eh like zombies are going to come im 11 lol so idk much but cool quiz!

Parham6 said:
May 1 '10, 7:33AM

Is it a joke? Uhh...I've got near 90%. Get out of m(DEAD)

Shakahn said:
Oct 29 '07, 8:08PM

omg dud that sucks , i thought that i would of sirvived at least a couple pof days but oh well. this quiz is sooo cool

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