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This Quiz is to help you think of your wolf's personality instead of making it up yourself. Instead of using what YOU would do, use what your character would do. This Quiz is for 'Hollow Forest Members', but is also acceptable for outsiders. There are 5 possible outcomes of personalities.

The 5 outcomes of these personalities are Intelligent, Lover, Guide, Arrogant, and Social Butterfly. Guide is the most hardest to get and Arrogant the most easiest. There are some roleplaying questions, and then some normal questions. I also have a small quiz to test your knowledge on Hollow Forest, it is back on the page about the Quizes in Information. If you would like to join Hollow Forest go here: [no urls] but remember, you MUST take the test before you join. It is on the quest page. Thank you.

Created by: KippinJuice of Hollo
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3. Your just walking through the forest alone, then all of a sudden you hear someone calling for help. As you look for the cry, you find its on the other side of the boarder of a rival pack. You are to far from the den to go back. What do you do?
Maybe its a pup! Rush to it!
Its probably a trap. Ignore it.
Act as if nothing is happening.
Run over the boarder to help it.
Listen for more sounds.
Who cares?
4. Your mate is caught in a trap. He/She tells you, "Go! There are probably more!". If you go back to get help, it'll take a long time and by then a hunter would've gotten him/her. You tried to get the trap off your mate, but it doesn't work. What do you do?
Risk it and go get help.
Continue to try and get the trap off of your mate.
Sit and Panic!
Lick your mate on the face and sit to die with them.
Run away and leave them there.
Protect your mate from any harm.
5. Your in the dens and everything is silent and boring. What do you do?
Get up and start a fight.
Entertain them by playing.
Start a conversation with everyone at the same time.
Sit there and feel awkward.
Clean yourself.
(Mentors)Take your apprentice out.
6. Someone becomes a follower of yours and you begin to trust them. Suddenly they want to take you out into the forest, but they have a mysterious face on. What do you do?
Go with them.
Growl and snap at them.
Say, "No thank you."
They're gonna use me as a victim for killing..
Ask them, "Why?"
You lead the way.
7. You've been hanging out with someone you had a crush on, and you see they are starting to like you back. What do you do.
Ask them to be your mate.
Show them affection.
Don't say anything.
Blurt out all your feelings
Ask them a bunch of questions.
Suddenly be mad at them for not asking you to be their mate.
8. You have an itch on the back of your neck that you can't get. You don't have a mate that can help you. What do you do?
Throw a huge fit.
Ask someone to get it for you.
Leave it there.
Continue to try and get it yourself.
Use a tree or stick from a bush
Freak out and go to a Shaman to get it.
9. You're past your apprentice stage and you forgot how to do some things on the first day of your rank. What do you do?
Do what you want to do.
Ask your former mentor.
Tell your leader you still need to be an apprentice.
Go onto the forums to find something to help.
Get super mad.
Oh well.
10. Your in love with a member but they hate you. What do you do?
Force them to be your Mate.
Look for someone else.
Cry and tell your friend.
Tell them your feelings.
Stalk them.
Boohoo, dont cry over it you baby. e_e
11. You're traveling the woods and all of a sudden you hear a gasp and a pulling. You've been caught in a trap with a pup that isn't yours. What do you do?
Eat the pup so you can live.
Call for help, and if that does't work eat the pup.
Call for help and help the pup.
Try and get yourself down.
Just Call for help.
Instruct the pup that everything is okay and try to get yourselves down.
12. Your hunting in a pack of 6. The hunting leader wants to hunt down a rabbit, but you spot a moose. The leader refuses. What do you do?
Try to get the rest to hunt with you.
Make the hunting leader hunt the moose.
Hunt the moose yourself.
Follow your hunting leader and hunt the rabbit.
Maybe your leader wants something small to test us? I'll follow him!
Your leader is very smart. But you are to...
13. Last question! Which answer do you think fits your wolf?
Social Butterfly
I have no idea! Gimme points!

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