Your Wolf Personality

What is your wolf personality? A kind loner? A loyal pack member? A protective Alpha? A scared outcast? Take the quiz now and find out! See what your results are!

This quiz was originaly created to help those that are working to creat a character for a wolf RP. But of course it can be taken just for fun! So go on. See what sort of wolf you would make!

Created by: Anniemalzz
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You are out on a hunt. What are you most likely to hunt?
The largest game you can find. You like a challenge.
A bull elk.
A cow elk.
A hare. (rabbit)
Nothing. You don't hunt, you scavenge.
4. You come across a nice little outcove of unclaimed land with a cozzy little den only a short walk from a fresh pond and excelent hunting. The perfect little peice of land land. Do you claim it?
Yes. It's yours. Any one to come close has to go through you first.
Yes. You wouldn't mind staying there as long as no one else has their eye on it.
Yes. Why not? A short stay would be nice.
No. You have no need for it. Someone else would be more deserving.
No. It's to small. You deserve something much larger.
NO! Claiming it might draw attention to you. Attention is never good...
5. You are out exploring and come across a friendly stranger. What do you do?
Turn and run! How do you know they are really friendly?
Turn the other way and leave. You have no time for social encounters.
Greet them. But stay on guard. You can never be to careful.
Greet them. You are always looking for a new friend!
Greet them... with your claws and fangs.
6. You are out exploring and come across an agressive loner. How do you respond?
RUN! Run, run, run! Maybe they wont presue you.
Cower and hope they will leave you alone.
Try to reason with them. Maybe you can find a peaceful solution.
Go on the deffence and fight them off.
Make the first move. Take them down before they can take an upper hand.
7. You are out on a walk and find a lost pup. How do you react?
Aww... Puppy! You take it in as your own.
Poor thing... You should help it find its home.
Hear its story before taking any action. You may not be able to help it.
Leave it. You want nothing to do with it.
Puppy? Kill it. They are only annoying and get in the way.
8. You are out on a walk and come across a wounded wolf that has been seperated from its pack. What do you do?
Do the right thing. Help it and return it to its pack.
Leave it. You are not required to help.
Run. It could be faking injury. One can never be to careful.
Leave it to die. There is nothing that could be done if you wanted to help.
Kill it. Who cares if its a pack wolf? You can just kill the pack too.
9. While out and about, you come across a pack and they happn to offer you a place amonge them. Do you accept?
Yeah! It would be nice to be among others that have your back.
Yeah. Why not? It could be fun...
Maybe... You would have to think it over for a bit.
No! You need to run away... A pack would cause nothing but trouble and fear.
Never! You should tare them to bits for just suggesting such a thing.
10. You are considering finding a mate. What would you look for?
A sweet shy wolf that needs your protection. Your main job is to care for them.
A kind caring wolf who is always looking out for others. They are very trusting. Maybe to trusting...
A nice wolf but able to stand up for them self and protect others.
An agressive wolf. Someone who can and will stand up against anything or anyone, with out fear. Someone who is not afraid to stand up to you. They are more than your mate they are your best friend.
Nothing... You would never find a mate. You wouldn't be able to handle it.
11. Using no more than a few words, how would you describe your puppy hood?
Wonderful. Fun. Perfect.
Enjoyable. Worryless. Filled with care.
Decent. Controled. Average.
Scary. Frightening. Hurtful.
Terrible. Scaring. A constant nightmare.
12. Your mate wants puppies. What are your feelings on this?
Yes! You have always wanted a pup. Nothing could make you happier.
Sure. If thats what your mate wants, thats what you want. All you want is their happiness.
No. Maybe someday but not now. Your just not ready yet.
No. Never. Having pups constantly there to annoy you... they wouldn't last a week.
You have no feelings, because you wouldn't have a mate.
13. Based on your answers, what do you think your result will be?
The Aggressor- mean, hatful, bad tempered, a loner.
The Loner- kind, caring, helpful, keeps to self.
The Wild One- happy, friendly, and trusting.
The Packer- always with others, cant handle being alone.
The Alpha- a leader, cant take orders, must have charge.
The Outcast- shy, scared, and always on the run.

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