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nikkers said:
Jun 29 '14, 2:51AM

How in the s--- is this in the top 40 quizzes?

My result for "What is your real name?" was 6560%.

A strange name.

dogsbuddy said:
Jun 23 '14, 6:06PM

love qwrtyuiop I think that calling Heaven stupid is mean and it hurt her/his feelings!

Elyse said:
Jun 20 '14, 8:08PM

Hi i'm Harmony! Can't image myself with that name.

DespritCookie said:
Jun 17 '14, 9:03PM

My name was PAUL lol,My real name is Jake though im like Wtf? When i got my name

MarceyGirl said:
Jun 14 '14, 2:33PM

My name was Paul.My real one is Katlyn..But I still apriciate the persons efort!

dogsbuddy said:
Jun 13 '14, 5:22PM

Divine uhhhhhhhhh no just no!I never had heard that name until now. But good effort! I HATE making people feel bad!

aliceelle said:
Jun 2 '14, 2:47PM

I was divine, then I clicked the rating then the back button and I was sarah xD

love qwrtyuiop said:
Jun 1 '14, 4:43PM

This person stupid

love qwrtyuiop said:
Jun 1 '14, 4:41PM

Song not true

ROFL said:
May 29 '14, 4:09PM


The best tomboy said:
May 28 '14, 12:45AM


DarthVader said:
May 26 '14, 8:45PM

Harmony, great!

Mak of Ravenclaw said:
May 26 '14, 3:08PM

This quiz would be better if you corrected your grammar...

Arwen said:
May 26 '14, 3:11AM

harmony nah i like my name named after a lord of the rings character

EmmetteSmith said:
May 25 '14, 7:40AM

XD nope but love this quiz xD

Froakie4444 said:
May 21 '14, 10:53AM

Your score is 6557%


Wow you are blessed with the name harmony/ Paul this might not be your name but someone wanted to name you tha

Paul. Really. PAUL?!

aadee said:
May 20 '14, 12:04PM

Hey! It's just you who wants to name me Jarod/Brandy.

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