You know you're from Vegas when...

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas (the quiz, anyway)! Over two million people live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Maybe you've been there, maybe you haven't. But you might know something about the city in the middle of the desert.

So, what DO you know? Even people who live in the city don't always know everything about it. Are you a lifelong citizen or a hopeless tourist? Take the quiz and see!

Created by: horsie890 of Mibba
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2. What is your gender?
3. What is a scarf used for?
I don't know, but it looks pretty good.
Keeping your neck warm, genius.
Strangling the people wearing them.
Stealing to play jumprope.
4. Can you get to any casino on the Strip without using Las Vegas Blvd.?
Isn't that what it's for?!
Maybe a few...
Of course.
One or two, maybe.
5. What do stop signs/red lights mean?
Make sure no cops are around before running them.
Floor it!
I can't hear you; the bass is too loud.
6. Fill in the blanks to describe the seasons: ___hot, ___weeks of nice, ___hot, ___weeks of nice
Scorching, 4, opposite of, 5
Really, 2, not so, 2
Insanely, 1, still, 1
There's seasons here?
7. When do businesses usually close?
9 PM.
2 AM.
5 PM.
They don't.
8. What is a nice lawn?
A good pile of rocks.
Some grass, a few trees, maybe a pink flamingo lawn ornament.
9. How do you give directions to your house?
Mapquest, duh.
Call the person and ask what street signs they see.
Call the person and ask what casinos they see.
First left, second right, run the stop sign, floor it past the cops hiding around the corner, and park around the block in someone else's driveway so they don't find your car.
10. What does the term "Lake Las Vegas" say to you?
This makes no sense...
Not ironic in the slightest.
11. What IS last call, anyway?
Isn't it that thing where people get kicked out of the bar?
I've heard of it, but I always thought it was just a myth.
I have no idea, really.
Two words, eight letters.
12. When driving north on I-15...
You merge right.
You don't merge right.
You try not to get killed.
13. In order to see a movie...
You go through a casino.
You go to the movie theater.
You go to Blockbuster.
Netflix, my friend.
14. How often do you see a limo?
Whenever famous people are in town.
Once every few weeks.
Do those Hummer things count?
15. Do you own an umbrella?
16. What temperature is cold enough to wear a jacket? (In Farenheit)
17. You wear ___ in the summer and ___ in the winter.
Shorts, pants
Pants, shorts
A swimsuit, a jacket
18. When paying for a prime rib and a lobster tail dinner, you are outraged to pay more than...
19. Was the 215 ever a secret?
It's a road; how can it be a secret?
Yes, but that was so long ago...
Only when people would leave for vacation.
20. How many times a year is snow considered amazing?

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