Would you survive as a cockerel?

Hi! Wonde what it would be like to live as a cockerel? Well here's your chance! Will you survive? Will you not? Who cares, it's a fun quiz and you must enjoy it!

So anyway, have fun, enjoy, and take my advice when you reincarnate into a cockerel! Just saying, you might do! Oh, and don't forget to take my other quizzes!

Created by: Chloe12
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1. You are inside an egg. You feel warm and cosy but need some space. What do you do?
Yawn and go back to sleep
Start eating your way out
Frantically scratch and peck at the walls. You have been born with claustrophobia!
Try and fly your way out
Start running so you roll and smash on the floor!
Just let yourself grow too big for the egg
2. You collapse, exhausted, defeated, unable to get out of the egg. You feel something tickling you. Wait a second, you never felt that before? What happened?
Eh, I'm probably dead
Hee hee! That tickles! I must be dreaming!
How am I meant to know?
I must have somehow made it out of the egg!
I'm too tired to care. Hchnah shoo, hchnah shoo (snoring)
I'm probably too weak to feel pain
3. You have by now figured out what happened. You have managed to escape from your egg, and are now under your mother, a chicken called Fluff. You are with several other chickens similar to you, all your brothers and sisters. What do you do next?
Think I'll just have a chat with my brothers and sisters
I'm still tired from the egg incident thank you very much
Ask your mother what to do
Go and have a dustbath
Peck various bits of chick crumb off the nest floor
Clean my siblings
4. You have had a lovely time, but as you are hungry, you stop what you're doing and complain to Fluff about your hunger. She tells you this- "The humans feed us at five o' clock, so that's in about five minutes". How do you pass the time?
Just sit and wait
Inform your siblings of dinner
Clean yourself off: you are still gooey from the egg!
Get out from under your mother and look at your surroundings
Join in talking with your friends
5. Suddenly, you hear a rustling noise. You hide under your mother, but she says: "Don't worry, silly! It's just the human coming to feed you!" The human lays a food bowl in front of you. Fluff shows you how to eat, you...
Dig in!
Feel the food, then lick it, then eat it very cautiously.
Actually, on second thoughts, I'm not that hungry. I think I'm just gonna...have a quick nap..
Try eating with your feet instead
Play with your food
Tip up the food bowl because it tasts better on the floor
6. You feel satisfied after that. You still feel very sleepy, so you decide to take a nap. You rest... And dream about...
Your mother
Your siblings
What is outside the nest
Scary Humans
Big chickens chasing you
Growing your very own feathers
7. You wake up, fully rested, and start doing your daily routine. A week passes. You wake up one morning and feel a little heavier. You examine yourself and find a whole new feather! An actual feather! No wonder you were moulting a little lately! You rush to tell Fluff, your mum. "Mum,Mum! I've just got my first feather!" Fluff congratulates you by saying: "Well done well done! Now we can tell if you are a boy or a girl! Right let's see..." She studies your feather carefully.. "You are...A handsome little cockerel! You can now explore the whole garage, as long as I can see you'' " "Oh wow! Thanks Mum!" This is great news! You celebrate by...
More sleep!
Doing what mum says, but hiding from her for fun!
Doing what mum says, but being just a little bit out of her sight sometimes
Doing exactly what mum says
You're a big c---erel now! Dance around flapping your wings in joy!
8. You had a brilliant time celebrating! And only one day later you begin to grow another feather! And it continues like that until you have a full set of feathers that shine the greenest of green! You don't have any spurs or cockerel features yet but you are a chicken with a full set of feathers! You walk past your mother with pride. She sees you and says, "Oh my, you are getting big! And a full show of feathers! It's time to name you and turn you into a proper cockerel! I have been thinking about your name for weeks, and I've already decided! Your name is Freckie, and you are getting very handsome! I think it's time to let you out into the proper garden!!" This is the best news you have heard in your life! You stand up on your tiptoes and...
Collapse and go to sleep
Shout as loud as you can, "Yahooooooo!"
Crow the birds out of the trees
Run to the garden without thinking twice!
Play-fight with your brothers
Run away and panic
9. You scream "Yay! I'm a cockerel, a beautiful cockerel!" Except it doesn't come out like that. It's more like, "Cock-a-doodle-dooooooooo!" You stare at your mother, confused. She is smiling at you. "What's going on?", you say. "When a cockerel gets extremely excited, they crow, not cluck, like we normally speak. Now then, do you want to head out into the garden, or what?" You run where?
Back to the nest! I'm not risking going out there!
I'm straight out there!
I walk nervously to the garden, better to be safe than sorry!
I just sleep
I head back to the nest, I'll do it tomorrow...
I just want to rest for a few minutes then I'll go
10. You walk nervously to the garden, hens are staring at you viciously. Then, suddenly, a chicken by the name of Clucky flys at you, claws out, beak open. "You wanna be in the pack, new kid?" She pins you down by her claws. "Hey! I'm a big c---erel now!" You glare at her, she tightens her claws. "I bet your mummy took care of you since you were born. Things are different, if you wanna get in the pack, you have to pass a test. Your first opponent will be Softus." She sounds scary! You...
Don't care! I'm a big c---erel now I can take on Clucky!
"Please. A little chicken like that? I wanna wrestle you."
Go to sleep. I'm so tired.
Go over to Softy, and get her on the ground, carefully trying to not cause her too much pain.
Fly away!
"I'd rather die than fight."
11. Clucky was amazed to see that you beat Softus first time! She congratulates you, in the nicest that she can. "Welcome to the pack, now we give you a name." You already have a name! You say--
"I already have a name."
"Thank you. I am so grateful! I already have a name but am willing to accept another one for the sake of the pack."
Hug Clucky
"I do not wish to be in this pack."
"My mummy already gave me a name!"
I'm asleep, remember!
12. "We need a cockerel, thank god you arrived! We are all girls, fourteen of us! Sorry about the harsh talking, we do that to all newcomers. This is my assistant, Seagull. You soon get to know all of the chickens well. Until one day... You get to love one of the pack. A chicken called Peckie. But how? Flirting of course! What did you do...
"Hey I like your hair! It's looking pretty, like your eyes!"
"I love you Peck wanna have chicks?"
"Hi Peckie, wanna have a friendly fight?"
Flap your wings in her eyes
Crow loudly, put your wing down to her and sidle up to her. A traditional way!
Jump on top of her
13. You try to get her impressed. It seems to work! "Oh, you're the new person! I love your crow, I heard it from miles away! So umm I was thinking you and me might like to have a play-fight together?" "Sure, I'd like that!", you say, trying to hide your excitement. A year passes, and you and Peckie are almost ready for...
Having a race!
14. You are feeling very brave one day, and decide to go for that special chance to ask Peckie for it. "Peck?" you say. "Yes, Freckle?" "?"
"I like chicks, do you?"
Jump on top of her while she crouches
"Are you ready for chicks yet?"
Collapse asleep on the floor
"Crouch now or I won't love you!"
Start pecking her feathers out
15. You are now waiting for Peck to hatch her eggs. They are nearly there, seconds away from hatching. "Freck, I can feel them hatching...". You...
Drag the newborns out from underneath her
Sleep some more
"Cool, I'm just gonna get a drink."
Stand guard outside the house.
Crow, crow and more crow!
Hug Peck
16. A week later, you start feeling very ill. The newborns are very worried for you, and keep hugging you and asking if you are ok. You don't want the chicks to see you like this. You crouch in the bushes, out the way of the chicks. Then comes a familiar noise. Humans. "Alfa dams a long singy", they say. It doesn't make any sense to you, but you can tell by the tone of voice one word - vet. How do you react?
Run away!!!
Stay there, they're only trying to help
Go to sleep
Try to crow, but it comes out as a wheeze
Warn the pack!
Flap your wings weakly
17. You don't have any energy left. You collapse, preparing for th worst... And then you wake up. Feeling much better! Your throat feels dry... But much clearer! You can breathe well again! You leap up, filled with joy! From your instincts, you run home to tell your chicks, because the vets is five minutes away by cockerel legs. You say to the chicks?
"Cock-a-doodle-dooooo!" And flap your wings.
"I feel much better now!"
"Stupid vet, he made my throat dry."
"I'm well now!"
Flap up in the air with joy!
Go to sleep
18. The next few weeks pass, and you feel much better each day. You crow proudly next to your family. Life doesn't get better than this... The End. Thank you very much for taking my quiz! This quiz is dedicated to...

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