Would you survive a horror movie?

Many people ask "I wonder if I could live through a horror movie?" Well find out now... But be warned be prepared 'cause you'll have to make tough calls but in order to have fun answer what you would HONESTLY do.

Do you're friends call you a scaredy cat? Well take this quiz and find out if they are right about you. Be afraid be very afraid...

Created by: Joel
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3. You are in your car alone at night and it breaks down do you...
Travel to the gas station that you saw 2 miles back?
Sit and wait for someone to come over.
Turn the lights off and stay low.
Turn the radio on so you don't get bored.
4. A killer is chasing you down a dark corridor you...
Keep running... He's very slow
Scream and go frantic.
Turn and fight him off.
Get ready to die.
5. You hear someone in your house it's night and your sister is also home you...
Asume it's your sister.
Grab a gun and shoot the first thing that moves.
Call 911.
6. Your friend is bleeding to death and the killer is a couple feet away from your friend. Also the exit is right beside you.
Forget Jim I'm outta here!
Help drag your friend to his feet.
Fight off the killer.
Wait to see what happens.
7. Your in your car and a killer is reaching in your window swinging his knife wildly at you. You...
Scream and panic.
Try to roll up the window.
Try to run out the opposite door.
Punch the killer.
8. Your running down a dead street and a car is coming at you trying to run you over. You...
Keep running in a straight line.
Pull the pistol out of your pocket and shoot.
Start knocking on doors.
Sit down.
Panic and freak out.
9. Your on a boat and you find a dead person in your room you..
Call for help.
Run out of the room.
Ignore it and continue on like it wasn't there.
Get a weapon.
10. All day you had the feeling like sombody's watching you. You.
Start singing.
Go through back alleys trying to lose the person.
Lock yourself in your house.
Buy a weapon.
Call a friend over to keep you company.
11. Your're babysitting for a new family that everyone says are weird and you hear weird noises coming from the baby's room. You.
Slowly peek your head in.
Run in and turn on the lights.
Ignore the baby.
Talk on the phone.
Call the parents.
12. A child has been following you all day and it looks very familiar. You...
Shrug it off.
Talk to the child.
Try to run.
Call the police on the child (Which will make you feel like and idiot.. But safe)
Run home and lock the doors.
13. You found a stash of weapons. Whitch do you take? (You're in a house)
A axe.
A pistol.
A shotgun.
A bazooka
A Submachine gun.
A sniper rifle.

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