Would You Survive A Horror Movie?

Lot's of Americans love going to the movies. Especially scary movies. There's nothing better than a good horror flick that makes your blood run cold, your hairs stand up on ends, chills your bones and send gooseflesh all over your skin.

But How do the characters feel? And how would you feel if you were one of them? Would you survive? And who would you be? We'd all like to think we'd be the main character who makes it out with no real injuries and lives to fight another day. But would you really? Time to find out...

Created by: Jamie
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. The powers gone out. Are you prepared?
Yep. Got my flashlight right here.
Nah. The lights will go back on in a minute
I have night-vision!
4. You hear someone creeping around in the hallway outside your door. What do you do?
Go check it out, gun at the ready
Stay put with your fully-automatic gun aimed at the door
Scream "Who's There?"
Open fire and blast straight through the door
5. Someone just screamed upstairs! Quick, what do you do?
Get the heck outta' here!
Go see if you can help... after grabbing your gun
Run up to help
Stay put (frozen with fear)
6. You see someone in the corner crying and shaking in fear. You...
Grab them up and tell them to keep moving and to stay strong
Break down and cry yourself
Kill them
7. You're outside and you can hear soft footfalls behind you. What do you do?
Turn and empty the magazine into them!
Look over your shoulder, ready to fire
Spin 180 on your heals and fire a warning shot
8. The door's locked! What do you do?
Pull out my lock picking kit
Blast the knob off with your gun
Try and find another way in/out
9. You've got to climb up the escape ladder, but your supplies is weighing you down. You drop the...
biggest gun
survival/first aid kit
refill ammo
10. Your friend is about to fall to their death, but if you run now you'll probably survive. Their yelling at you to "Go save yourself!" Do you?
No way! I'm saving my bestie!
Well they told me I could so BYE!
Uhm..... Tough choice...
11. You only have a four rounds left and you see two alien face-sucker go for your friend's head,and two others attacking your lover. Who do you protect?
My friend
My lover
Shoot one of each and hope they can deffend against one themselves.
Help neither and keep moving. Who needs friends?
12. A man says he can help you and knows a way out of the city that's safe. Do you follow him?
No. You can't trust anyone these days...
He's our best chance, but I won't take my eyes off him...
Yeah sure; why not?
13. [Personality Questions This Point On]
too bad... I was enjoying the scary stuff
14. Would you steal from a knick-knack store?
15. Do you sometimes think you hear things you know aren't there? (Don't lie!)
Well... Maybe once... But I don't like to think about it...
Are you asking me if I'm crazy?
The voices told me not to respond...
16. Have you ever really considered killing someone?
NO! Never!
Yes. Often.
Well... I'd rather not say...
17. Do you ever purposely hurt yourself?
Used to, but I've stopped
Once or twice
Three or four times
Every now and again
18. Have you ever purposely hurt someone else?
It wasn't my fault! They drove me to it!
19. Do you own a gun and/or know how to use one?
20. When's your favorite time of day?
Sun Rise
Sun Set
Mid Day
21. What, in your eyes, is the perfect day?
Rainy and a little chilly
Overcast but not too cold
Sunny and hot
Sunny and around 70 degrees (f)
22. What's your favorite part of a horror movie?
The ENDING! (I hate scary movies!)
The killing/torturing scenes. The more graphic the better!
The intense scenes when you know the killer is right around the corner
The beginning before anything goes bad

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