Would You Survive A Horror Movie?

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thejenna said:
Jun 13 '17, 3:59PM


SC countrygirl said:
Aug 26 '16, 12:54PM

i got 0% i will not survive at all AWSOME

DancingMilk said:
Jun 4 '16, 12:18PM

CGreene said:
Dec 26 '15, 1:22AM

90% FIRST TRY!!!...

AND IM BLACK (hollywood need to stop playin us like that on them movies

YoWorldian said:
Dec 1 '15, 5:38AM

Deez nuts telling do not read what they posts.
SMH saying "Don't Read This" is provoking us to read it.

Blake Bird said:
Feb 16 '15, 12:08AM

Okay, I Got 70% It Kind Of Good Though Like Yay I Would Die Last (Not)

_person_ said:
Jan 22 '15, 9:08PM

60% :/ not horrible.

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