Would you survive a Horror Movie?

Some people really like horror movies. Others have never seen one ever. Do you need skills to survive a horror movie? If you did have to deal with one in real life, what would happen?

Are YOU skilled enough to survive a horror movie? Or do you just... fail. If you want to know... take this quiz and it will take only a few minutes to find out!

Created by: Ash
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3. You see a person dragged into a creepy old house by the hair as you are wakling down the street. You...
Run in after them and try to save the person!
You call the cops
You keep walking
You run to the nearest house and start banging on their door
You do nothing but testify against them when they get caught
You get a group of people to storm in there
4. You keep on walking but the man spots you and starts walking towards you! You....
Run for the effing hills!
Call the cops
Walk calmly away
Run for help
Grap your pepper spray
Kill Them.
5. You glance over you shoulder and see that you recognize him as an escaped murderer! You...
Call the Cops
Run like hell
Yell at him for stalking you
Attack him
Shoot him
Scream and yell
6. You try and call the cops but your cell has no service! You...
Curse yourself for getting T-Mobile
Throw your phone at him
Stand there
Walk up to him and hope he wont hurt you
Sprint! You've been training for this
7. Say you throw your phone at him, you hit him in the nuts and he falls to the ground... you have reached an intersection... if you go straight, your headed towards the high school,ifyou go left, your headed home, if you go right, your headed to your best friends house, if you go behind you, you have to pass the stalker and run to the police station
I go to the left
I go to the right
I go straight
I go behind me
I go to the right, and cut through Mr. Johnsons yard to get to the hospital
You go to the left, pass your friends house, and go to the church
8. You run to your best friends house and bang on the door, he/she lets you in and you tell them to lock the door, you dont see the stalker but you know that he probably isnt far! The wires on the street have been knocked down due to a fallen tree, so there is no hope of calling the police, You...
Kill Yourself
Baricade all entrances
Come up with a plan
Grab a weapon
Run out of the house
9. The stalker has reached the house and is banging on the door. You friend is getting panicky and you start arguing with him/her about what to do. You...
Make THEM answer the door
Grab a Gun
Plan to ambush him as soon as you open the door
Open the door but respectfully request that they dont mutiliate your face
10. He breaks down the door and is heading for you and your friend. You...
Push your friend into him
Run upstairs
Give Up
Shoot him
Ambush him and ask him what he wants
11. You knock him out with a pan, tie him up, and drive him to the police. They say "we've got it from here." So you...
Throw a party
Go to sleep
Go out and drink
Ask for protection
Make fun of him with your friend
Go back and check out the house where you first saw him
12. You and yoru friend go back to the house where you first saw him, you see the girl huddled up in a corner. You ask her if she is ok and she says that the man is her uncle and that he is an insane genius and you will never be safe. You...
Laugh at her stupidity
Take heed to her warning
Slap her
Tell her that the man has been arrested and its impossible for him to escape
Take her out to drink
Take her home and make sure that she is ok
13. You take the girl home and put her to bed. The next day, you are watching the news and it says that the girl had been killed! It also said that the Stalker man had escaped from prison again! You...
Shout and scream
Call your friend
Call witness protectoin
Kill yourself
Go lookuing for him, you can take him on!
Grab a gun and barricade your house
14. You call your friend, but he/she doesnt pick up! You...
Start making funeral arangements
Remember the phone lines are down so go over there
Go looking for her, unarmed
Stay put.
Call the police.
15. You go to your friends house, you see the stalker there pointing a gun at your friend. He hasn't seen you yet! You...
Run and move far, far away
Attack him from behing
Grab your lightsaber and chop him up! muahahha
Tell him to kill you instead
Abandon your friend
Shoot him
16. You shoot the killer, in the Leg. He still has a gun! You...
Jump on his leg
Say sorry
Hug your friend
Run Away!!
Abandon your friend

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