Would you survive a horror film?

Do you like horror films? Have you ever wondered if you could live in one would you be able to hold out, or are the first to die? Its hard to know so find out here!

People die or live in horror movies. Would you die or live time to find out. Take this quiz, see how well you do. Do you live or die? Take the quiz common just take it.

Created by: Jarhead
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You and your friends are going camping when you see a sign say turn back. You....
keep going
turn back
laugh and say its only a prank
freak drive off the road and crash
call your mom
4. Are you scared easily?
uhh not really
AHHH! When did you get there?!
No....AHH! a chipmonk!
5. You get to the parking and see other cars that look like they have been their for weeks you....
say maybe we should leave
ignore them
look inside them
go into the woods
dance to your ipod
6. Your deep in the woods and its getting dark do you make camp?
Either way your in danger
I don't work
7. In the middle of the night a blood man runs into the camp you...
shot him
tackle him
run away
calm him down
8. He says LOOK OUT then dies and you see a knife in his back you..
pass out
pull out the knife
run into the dark
calm down everyone else
9. Which are you more closely related? be honest.
The hot blonde who always freaks out.
The arrogant stud
The nerdy kid
good looking hero
the good looking girl who keeps her cool
10. What weapons did you bring?
sawed off
i don't believe in weapons
9mm pistol
hunting rifle
im the blonde
11. You friend goes to take a leak, he screams and his head flys into the camp you.
Jump back ready for anything
scream and run in circles
wet yourself
crap yourself
12. Your running through the woods two from you group are dead you need sleep you...
sleep in a tree
on a large rock
build a fire sleep next to it
on the ground with someone else
i wouldn't sleep
13. The crazy killer runs into the camp you...
Run away with everyone else
fight him
crap yourself again
push the annoying blonde toward him
your in the tree he didn't see you

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