Who would you save? Yourself or someone esle??

Would you save another person's life? Think about it. What if you were to die in the process? What if you were injured beyond measures, but still saved the other person. What would you do?

The answers are: ~YOURSELF ~YOURSELF... BUT ~THE OTHER PERSON ~THE OTHER PERSON... BUT If you don't want to rate/comment it's perfectly fine with me! So have fun with this quiz! Answer honestly!

Created by: MEEEPP :)
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3. You are hiking with a group of strangers. As you hike past a cliff, the cliff begins to crumble. One of the other hikers starts to fall.(answer honestly please) You:
Scream and Run Away. "I'm not dieing!"
Stare in complete horror, but do nothing to help.
Reach for the person, but you are unable to grab his/hers arm.
You grab them and flip them back onto the path, but you fall and break your legs.
4. You and your best friend are walking down the sidewalk. Your best friend pulls you towards them and you both tumble out onto the street. You are both stuck in a drainage pipe. You are about to escape when... a semi approaches rapidly and is almost upon you. You:
Glance back at your friend, but sprint to the side walk and yell, "Hurry!"
You try to free your friend, but end up getting yourselves both stuck even more...
You free yourself by breaking your leg, and your friends. You both crawl to the sidewalk.
5. You and a group of friends are stuck in a forest. No food. No water. No shelter. You hear wolves howling like 3 miles away. 3 of the 5 are sick or injured. You and one other person are fine... You:
"Let's get out of here!" You and the other person sprint away, leaving your friends to their fate.
The other person won't leave them, so you run away. IM SAVING MYSELF!
You try to help carry all of them to safety... but the wolves are upon you in an instant.. :(
You and the other person manage to save the group from the wolves. But you are infected with rabies and have serious bite marks.
6. You see an old lady crossing a street. She is right in front of you. A car is speeding down the street. You:
Watch in horror, but will not risk your life.
Shout, "Watch out!" but it's too late.
Rush into the street and save her, but you are clipped by the car.
You react too late, and save the lady, but not yourself.
7. You and your friends are surrounded by a gang. They want one person to fight their leader... or everyone dies. You:
Bravely say, "I will fight!" no matter if they kill you or not.
When no one else, steps forward. You step forward and fight the leader. But he was carrying :(
You are a non-violent person and try to work things out. But your best friend volunteers... and pays the price.
You shake your head and push someone else forward and say, "Good luck!"
8. What is your best characteristic? (choose honestly)
9. What describes you the best?
Everyone for themselves!!!
I always try to helps someone... well... sometimes...
Always help someone in need, even when you are in danger
Never let someone else perish, if you can help save them.
10. Choose one (honestly):
I cherish my life more than anything.
I really wish I could help more people... but I don't.
I have given my life to help people. (job wise)
I always help someone... no matter what the price is.
11. What is your worse characteristic?
I don't have one, I'm perfect!!
I don't have any, that's why I try to save other people.
I have many, that's why I want to save people
I have many, that's why I try to focus on myself.
12. You are swimming in the ocean. You see a person bleeding like mad in the ocean. Sharks are forming below. The person screams for help... You:
ssssharks? did you say sharks? You swim away as fast as you can
You aren't a good swimmer, so you swim back to the life guard and tell him. But it's too late.
You swim immediately over to the person. But the shark takes the person, before you can save them.
You try to save the person... and are bit in the process.
13. (oh my goodness! The last question! yay!) If you end up saving someone's life, how do you them to thank you or maybe not even thank you?
SEND ME GIFTS! I saved your life, you better repay me.
Give me something in return, but it has to be small.
I want some thanks... but nothing big.
I want to be the unknown hero.

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