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  • I don't wanna get married.

    shorthairgirl Jun 3 '14, 2:06AM
  • I agree with what has been said below. You need to check your spelling properly, and you need to title your quiz according to your questions. The results cannot possibly be accurate, as the questions don't help to detain 'who' the quiz-taker will marry.

    @Thunder_Swift I know many, many twelve year old girls that can spell better than this. Perhaps this person is seven or eight?

    vulturemonem Dec 21 '13, 7:00AM
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    Karen, UK

    anonuonymous Nov 14 '13, 12:48AM
  • This looks like a quiz made by a kid or a 12 year-old girl...

    Thunder_Swift Aug 11 '13, 12:31AM
  • well done you got 78%


    never get married your happy single. but thats not to say you cant look for a good time keep your eyes open and look your best.

    .-. ... -(^_^ )- Im a single man what can I say.

    Roonewarfare Jul 23 '13, 2:41PM
  • (1)Go to school, and learn how to spell.
    (2) it says "WHO" will you marry not "WILL" you get married
    (3) this quiz is horrible.

    Voldemort11 Jun 10 '13, 4:15PM
  • crap

    ilovechocolate May 30 '13, 2:26AM

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