who will you marry?

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krayzeepintiger said:
Dec 30 '07, 10:21AM

Wow. So true i am happy single! ^.^ Awesome quizzy!

Tiffany said:
Dec 25 '07, 12:05PM


Eye Dont No said:
Dec 24 '07, 12:17PM

Eye soupose this qwiz wood hav ben grate if eye cood hav red it. But thin agin "I dont no." [sic] BAD GRAMMAR! HELLO? SPELLING???????

life is a living hell said:
Dec 23 '07, 2:28AM

what the hell?this sucks

Soccerstar said:
Dec 22 '07, 4:27AM

What????? This is a crazy quiz.

andreaboo said:
Dec 21 '07, 4:25PM

umm. what does having my wedding in a castle and what type of dress I want have anything to do with being single for the rest of my life???????

shelina_whitney1 said:
Dec 20 '07, 10:25PM

i like it it tole me i should stay single ill have more fun

hoodsteal said:
Dec 18 '07, 3:59PM

these quiz suck and say the opisite

hollabackgrl said:
Dec 17 '07, 9:36AM

no i liked it it is soo the right answer for me i dont like being tied down to some dumb guy id rather be able to flirt with evrbody

roxxy26 said:
Dec 15 '07, 6:30PM

I am not single.this dickass quiz says im nevr goin to marry

spoiled_i_love_him said:
Dec 15 '07, 4:57PM

yah this quiz perty much sucked cuz my answer said i was single and would never marry... and i do plan on marrying my bf! im not fricken single you idiot... i even said that on my quiz... RETARD!

Lvrofkittys109 said:
Dec 15 '07, 3:28PM

This Quiz sucks.

chargersgirl said:
Dec 15 '07, 3:36AM

dude u need to do some research. you dont know s---.

chloe kentucky said:
Dec 13 '07, 7:39AM


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