Who Is Your Future Boyfriend?

Boys, boys, boys! They certainly aren't the be-all and end-all, but, well, some of them sure are cute, and fun to have a crush on. Or to be your boyfriend.

When it comes to guys, there are loads of them out there. Do you go for brainacs? Are skater boys your type? Or maybe you're all starstruck over that cute celeb? Whether you're boy-crazy, or completly crush free, this quiz will help you find out on what kind of guy catches your eye. Enjoy!

Created by: Maya
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3. You plan to spend your weekend night...
reading another book from your summer's reading list.
watching a sport on TV with your pops.
at your bud's slumber party, singing to every song on your favorite CD.
at the movies with your friends.
playing it by ear.
4. When you're at the mall, you head to...
the book store.
the sporting goods department.
the CD store.
the electronics department.
the food court.
5. If you wanted to let your crush know that you're into him, you would...
e-mail or IM him.
spend time at the go-cart track. That's his usual hangout.
write an awesome fan letter to him. He's famous.
copy a classic love poem and slip it in his locker.
ask your bud Tim for some advice since he knows what guys think.
do nothing.
6. If you were to receive a note signed, "Your Secret Admirer", you would...
try to uncover its sender by analyzing the handwriting.
show it to your friends and tell them to tell everybody at school.
pretend that it was from your favorite rock star.
tell no one, but you'd secretely be happy.
call your pal Jacob to tell him his prank cracked you up.
tear it up and get on with you day.
7. What is your dream meal with you and your crush?
sophisticated sushi for two.
pizza and nachos with his gang and your gang.
whatever he likes. Hope it's something spicy!
anything healthy, like a salad.
greasy onion rings with lots of ketchup...and you bff Ned.
nothing. I'd rather be with my friends.
8. On the first day of sleepover camp, you and your bunkmates walk into the mess hall. Wich guy do you scope?
the guy who has won the talent show for the past 3 summers.
the amazingly cool athlete whose amazing swimming skills make him king of the pool
that new guy at the soda machine. He looks like Nick Jonas.
the quiet boy staring at you.
your best boy bud, Brandon.
forget the guys. You're too excited to be at camp with your best friends to be worried about boys.
9. You would spend a lazy afternoon...
surfing the internet for some back-to-school supplies.
going to the water park with your BFF.
vegging in front of the tv while watching MTV.
mellowing in a yoga session with your mom.
hangin' with your friend troy while playing video games.
doing whatever comes your way.
10. What was the last thing that you bought that caught your crush's eye?
a pair of classic, smart, green frames.
trendy plaid bermudas and a matching top.
a concert tee.
Converse sneaks.
new Nikes, just like your friend David wears.
who knows?
11. Which of the following is the easiest for you to remeber?
HTML code.
names, positions, and statistics of your favoirte baseball players.
the birthdays of all the members of your favorite band.
your favorite poem.
your bff noah's phone number and e-mail address.
12. The celebrity you want to meet is...
Bill Gates.
the president.
Justin Timberlake!!
nobody. you'd be too shy.
Matt Damon.
not intersetd.
13. You would love to see your crush wearing...
a big book bag stuffed with a lot of books.
something from The Gap.
the latest hip-hop look.
something casual and classic, like khakis and loafers
jeans and a tee.
whatever's comfortable.
14. What should a potential boyfriend do to capture your heart?
instigate a totally though-provoking debate.
know the full name of every single kid at YMCA.
serenade you.
be mellow.
boyfriend? You're way too busy hanigng with your frineds to get all mushy.
just be himself.

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