Who is Your Favorite Hockey Player?

Have you ever wondered which Pittsburgh Penguins you would like the most? The Pittsburgh Penguins are in the National Hockey League (NHL) and they went all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals where they lost to the Detroit Redwings. I hate the Redwings but I LOVE THE PENGUINS.

Do you like Max Talbot or Sidney Crosby more? Personally I like Max because he is funny and really doesn't get the attention he deserves for being an important member of the Pens...did I even mention how hot he is?! Sidney is cool too evan if he is a little up tight and boring. Take this quiz to find out which player is your type of hockey player!

Created by: Ashley
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2. What is your gender?
3. If you are skating down the ice in a perfect play, you will...
do a fancy deke and shoot the puck right pass the goalie
pass the puck to teamate and let them shoot and you get the rebound
4. An opposing player just knocked down one of your teamates, you will...
argue with the referees to try to get a penalty called
go up to the oppsing player and beat the crap out of him (or try)
5. Your teamate has decided not to participate in an optional warmup before a game. You are in an arena where evan though it is on the road, the guy on your team is very popular here, you will...
dress up in his jersey and go out on the ice and geta standing ovation in place of your teamate
do nothing, just go out and warm up
6. Off the ice you are...
loud, fun to be around with, and very popular in clubs
quiet, reserved, trying to keep up your good image
7. Durin interviews you are...
boring, only talk about the game, and still in your jersey
funny, answer any question about anything, and usually shirtless
8. your public image is...
perfectly clean with no rumors and lots of wannabe girlfriends
well known with lots of rumors and lots of different girlfriends every night
9. which player do you like better?
sidney crosby
max talbot <3
10. did you like this quiz?
11. Are you a penguins fan?
12. Do you think Sidney Crosby is a crybaby?
when he has to be

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