Who is falling for you? ( part 3)

Ok so welcome back to my WHO IS FALLING FOR YOU? Quiz. This is part 4 and alot of this are being explained so if part one and two really didn't make ANY SENSE at all then plz keep reading.

So since nobody ACTUALLY reads the intro im not gonna say anything importand but i will say that your in for a really good clifhaning.. I mean clifhanger!

Created by: I eat squirlls
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Ok so They two people that clam you to be "angels" told you all two start collecting blue rocks. To your surprise there are alot of blue rocks around. Weird... you think. You start thinking that this whole angel thing could be real. Well you what are you wondering the most?
Who were those boys back there?
How on earth can we all be angels?
Why would they want us for ransom?
4. So once you all collect the blue rocks, Chelsie starts putting them in wholes in the wall. As soon as you knew it, a rock ladder fell down practically calling for you to climb it. "Follow us and stay safe on the climb up!" Jonny says being the first one to start climbing up.
wow... Jonny is so cute!
help me.. I dont wanna be here!
I wanna be with those boys who kid napped us!!
5. You all get on a ledge thats just behind the waterfall, And it goes into the cliff making a cave. You and some others peak into it and see some shelves and some pull out beds and a fire pit that wasnt burning. There was also a few benches around the firepit like a camp ground. You just couldn't help yourself but saying____________?
Ok what the heck is going on?!
What, I dont get It! we are NOT angels, at least im no angel!
Ok who the heck were those people back there and how did we get here?!
6. "Sorry, well lets sit down. I'll start a fire and Me and Jonny will explain everything. And dont worry those guys will NOT be getting anywhere near here. Only angels can come here." Says Chelsie.
But! Im NOT A ANGEL YOU! #$@&*&!
I don"t want my life to be some stupid fanitcy!!! somebody WAKE ME UP!
wow.. so i really am an angel?!
7. You all sit down on logs near the fire that Chelsie had made. Jonny had bin looking for something on the shelves for a few minutes befour Chelsie Starts explaining things. "Ok so while Jonny looks for something I can at least start explaining. Ok so those people back there were vampires. That may sound crazy but I can't prove anything. What I can prove is that your angels."
HAHA yeah right...
really? coolio!
8. "Well Angels have many things to have signs of being angels." Jonny says still looking on the Shelves. " Yeah, but we dont have wings like Chelsie does!" Whines your best friend. "Well No but thats because I earned my wings from fighting a vampire when I was little" Chelsie Explains. "However, something is in common with all of you. I could tell you were angels because all angels have one of these things, Strange beatiful eyes, Have alot of friends or are very popular, Have people after them ( AKA vampires trying to get you,are very pure hearted, or always hae strange happenings."
I have strange or beatiful eyes.
I have alot of friends.
I'm really popular.
I always have people ( AKA vampires) after me
Im purehearted.
I always have strange happenings..
9. Jonny Finally gets what he was looking for and takes a jar of pink dust off of a shelf. "And I have this dust to prove it!" He says holding it up for everyone to see." This is fucture wings. You see young angels have to earn their wings and sometimes young angels use this dust to see their fucture wings so they can stay motivated. Every angel has their own very speical set of wings." He says then comes over to you and pours the pink dust over your back. A clear set of pink wings appears. your wings rape around you and are very big and pretty.
Eww... its pink.
Wow what pretty wings!
10. You start to believe this. The chelsie continues to talk. " The vampires have always tried to hold angels for ransom. Its actually more annoying then it is dangerous. But we have built passage ways all over to esape them. Luckily Vampires can find were the passage ways are but they can't get through because you can only go through if you have a pure heart and a pure heart is what a vampire has the least of."
This all dosent make sense!!!!!!!!!!
11. Your best friend speaks up. " How on earth did they find us?!" Jonny starts going around pouring a little pink dust on everybody's back so they can see their wings. "Well they have a great sense of smell and Angels smell alot like angel cake. Funny kinda." He says while passing the dust around. "Well it's getting dark." Says a girl from your class. " Are we gonna stay here for the night?" Asks a cute boy from your class. " Well I think it would be best to stay here just for the night to be safe and we should be able to get back home by tomorrow. We have enough beds and food. Lets see... there are 6 of us here.. yep we should be set!"
Coolio, I never slept with a bunch of angels in a cave b4
s--- im stuck with these creeps
12. Chelsie had start the fire up to be bigger and Jonny had pulled out all the beds. You had to get out all the blankets and pillows for everybody while there was also a group for cooking dinner. Everything was set up for the night.
Yay! i feel so comfy with the fire and beds and all.
Eww im stuck this a bunch of losers from my class
im stuck here... my life will never ever ever be the same!
13. Everyone was sound alseep and their bellies full. But you find yourself dreaming about ____-
two words.... RABID SQIURLLES!!
beatifull seanses in nature.
darkness and all,
paintings, very beatifull paintings.
the worries of ur day, ur homework, ur crush, that fact that u just found out ur an angel.
14. Luckily your sleeping right next two jonny... when you wake up during the night you see that he two is wide awake. He's just staring up at the ciling..
How cute..
How Strange.
UGH! get me out of this sicko train.
why is he staring at the ciling?!
15. You look at him and whisper to him "Does this mean my parents are angels two?" He looks over at you with his blue eyes covered with some strands of shaggy black hair. He cant help but laugh a little. "Well no, being an angel is not genitic. It means that when you were a infant you had bin touch by a dove feather, kissed by a fairy, and bitten by the devil."
He's so cute when he talks like that.
16. You two talk a little more but you both end up falling asleep soon. Ok so here is a few questions going off of the story line for a minute but I wanna get back to the story so just a few questions. Ok first, What's your faveorite color? (btw this counts for your finall answers.)
17. if you could pick a place in nature to be RIGHT NOW, where would it be?
In a sping feild.
Um... is my house natural? O.O
a beach.
the forest.
in the mountains
18. Ok back to the story! Your sound aleep and your dreaming.. once again what r u dreaming about?
Random shapes and colors. o.o
Darkness and all.
the clouds and weather.
the poeple you have met today and how much this all is gonna change your life.
19. Your awaken by a twig cracking... Its probobly just somebody getting water... you think. But then you see a pare of blue eyes staring at you next to you.... and these ARE NOT Jonny's blue eyes..
Im gonna die today -_-
may the lord light my path for me 0:)
20. Ok thats all the questions I have for today! PLZ check back for part 4... Im gonna do that tomorrow (April 3 2011.)
Man that was a long quiz! u sure can ta- i mean typ?

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