Which THE WANTED member are you most like???

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Fallin4Sykes said:
Jul 2 '14, 8:44PM

Ya I have to agree with @TWJaythanMcSykes. It's Nathan not Nathen!!!! And he's not strange or stupid! He's one of the most perfect boy on earth. Ur dumb and stupid if u say he isn't.

TWJaythanMcSykes said:
Jun 27 '13, 3:06PM

Umm....if ur going to do this quiz make sure u know how to spell Nathan. And btw he's not stupid. He is amazing and the most cutest in my opinion.

Just_me said:
Mar 2 '13, 4:53PM

hou wish you were 1% as amazing as nathan stop being a hater get over it btw I got jay but still haterism is just a serious case of admirration and how would you feel if someone said those things about you

ilovemax said:
Nov 16 '12, 2:04PM

i got Max! WOOOOP!

graceyTW_459 said:
Aug 10 '12, 5:37AM

OMG seriously?! This is awful I got Nathan (NOT Nathen) and it said i was most stupid and other stuff. Just cos you think he isnt hot or whatever dosent mean that he is stpid (or me!) I agree with @Duhh Sunshinee too cos their so right! I still love Nathan tho ^.^

Veronica_Lloyd said:
Aug 4 '12, 8:55AM

I agree with @Duhh Sunshine, I got Nathen and what you said was quite rude

Duhh Sunshinee said:
Jul 16 '12, 4:35PM

I got Nathan and what you said was very rude.
You called me stupid, ugly, and I 'think i'm cool when i'm not'. Looks aren't everything love and just because someone isn't cool doesn't mean that they have a good personality.
I'm my opinion Nathan is the good looking one anyways.

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