Which One Direction Boy Is For You?

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Countrygirl264 said:
Aug 6 '13, 2:43AM

Omg. Guys. Really? Do u honestly believe in that eye test? It's stupid. Well duh the love of my life is gonna kiss me in 3 days! He does it all the time! It's stupid. And I got Louis!!!!!!!!!!

Directioner_Gurl said:
Jul 24 '13, 12:56PM

YEEEES!I got Hazza!

wolvesrule65318 said:
Jul 6 '13, 2:38AM

I got Louis/Liam

quizzymisspoplar said:
Jul 5 '13, 7:48AM

Harry/Zayn :P

frankentine said:
Jul 4 '13, 12:17PM

i got harry

frankentine said:
Jul 2 '13, 12:30PM


frankentine said:
Jul 2 '13, 12:29PM

GUYS SHUT UP! If you don't like One Direction Then don't take the quiz! i got Liam

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