Which of the Divergent factions do you belong in?

We all might have read the Divergent series, but I certainly have. IT'S THE BEST BOOK EVERRRR! You just have to read, all of you! As a heads-up, factions are certain social groups in which you find yourself suited to. In the story Divergent, all sixteen-year olds had to pick a faction of their own. And a girl named Tris happened to be one of many. She was originally from Abnegation, but switched to Dauntless. Her simulation tests proved that she was Divergent, a rare result that doesn't pick any of the five particular factions. That's all I'm saying for now; you'll have to read the book to find out what happens next.

So, which of the factions do you think you belong in? Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, or Erudite? Unless, you're a Divergent...that would be freakin' amazing!!! Take this quiz to figure that out! Have fun and enjoy it!

Created by: The Geek
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What do you most value about yourself?
bravery or courage
4. What would be your highest priority in life right now?
serving those around you
finding peace and happiness for yourself
seeking truth in all things
developing your strength of character
success in work or school
5. What type of clothing best suits you?
Something bright and colorful
Just casual clothes that don't attract much attention
Work-fitting clothes, mainly black and white
Dark clothes that expresses your mood
Something that's chic, but smart-looking at the same time
6. What do you see yourself as in the future?
pet doctor/vet
7. What would you most likely find yourself doing on a weekend?
painting, dancing, or writing stories
hanging with friends, sharing opinions
rock-climbing or surfing!
finishing homework or reading a good book
8. How do you want your family and friends to see you as?
willing to make sacrifices and help others
liked by everyone
trustworthy and loyal
will protect them no matter what happens or what the consequences are
offers wise advice to people
9. When you're introduced to a complicated problem, you:
do whatever is best for the greatest number of people
create a work of art to express your feelings about it
debate the issue with your friends
face it head-on; what else can you do?
make a list of pros and cons, then pick the one that has the best evidence supporting it
10. You realize your best friend's boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on them. You:
tell your friend it would be unhealthy to continue a relationship with them in which selfishness is displayed
sit them both down so you can act like a mediator while they talk
tell your friend as soon as possible; you can't keep the knowledge hidden
confront the cheater! You might even punch him/her in the face, or crash his/her birthday party
keep it to yourself. Statistics show that your friend will find out eventually
11. If you were given a wish, what would it be?
an awesome waterpark just for you
that the world would finally have peace
that everyone would just stop lying
that you will have all the knowledge and education you need
that you could meet deceased singers, artists, celebrities, etc.
12. What type of pet would you most prefer?
a ten-foot crocodile
a sweet little puppy
a horse in which you can give rides to others
a monkey because they're very smart and intellectual
a zebra because the other pets are boring and lame
13. Just out of curiosity, which of these options would you pick? (choose only one)
gray stones
lit, fiery coals

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