Which Naruto Character are you?

Ever wounder what kind of nija you are? Take this quiz to find out! Naruto is a great series and fun to watch! I hope you get who you wanted! i love the show and the movie! it's great to watch! I love it!

Are you a true ninja? Let's find out now! Take the quiz to find out what kind of ninja you are! the show is great im great yay we're all great! i wish i didn't have to write this! Hahaha! yay im so pretty o so pretty

Created by: Clare
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3. Let's start of with a tipical day of a nija. You wake a late and need to get to training fast. You;
skip breakfest. It'll take to long to eat
you might as well skip training, you're already late
try to find the quickest way to training
take your time and sleep in
grap a breakfest bar and run!
4. You made it to training on time. You start of with a D rank mission of a missing cat. You;
don't put that much energy into it. you hate cats
Why cats?
think you can handel it. you just hope you don't mess up
Think of how to get it with out wasting your energy
Try to be better then the others by finding the cat first
5. You didn't exactly get the cat. actually, he scratched you on the face and ran away. Now everyone is mad. You;
look for the cat after training
smile and act like you'll get it in no time
Ask them if they could do better
tell them to shut up
6. time for lunch. You;
offer some to you team
dig in
hide your team members food
train instead of eatting
ask your team mate to eat with you
7. time for tree climbing! what's running through your head?
I rock at this
big deal
8. You need help with tree climbing so you;
ask a team mate
keep trying
give up
focuse your chakara
act like you climbed to the top
9. on your way home from practice, you notice someone is getting bullied you...
tell them to back off
bully them, too
stay out of it
talk your way out of the fight
kill them all
10. the fight is over and you're late for dinner. You;
look for a short cut
run as fast as you can
take a bull
take your time
try to explain what happend
11. time for bed. You;
sleep, DUH!
sneak outside and train
go in the kitchen for a snack
12. someone randomly comes screaming in your room. you;
wait for them to shut up
kill them
ask them whats wrong
go see what's going on

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