Which Naruto Character Are You?

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awesomecuziam said:
Mar 29 '12, 10:23PM

nahahahahha i got neji but i'm very unlike neji:P

skittles15 said:
Sep 5 '10, 3:20PM

i got the same!!!!!!! yay!!!!! liked the quiz!!!

XiX3XGaaraX said:
Jun 3 '10, 2:43AM

i do love ramen tho dam im hungry............. ..........

Bloodflame66 said:
Feb 28 '10, 3:24AM

Your Result: Naruto Uzumaki

Congradulations! you are Naruto Uzumaki. As stupid as you are brave, you like ramen and friends and you will stop at nothing to complete your goals, to become Hokage and to make everyone believe in you. Giving up is not an option, The nine-tailed fox is sealed inside of you

Naruto rocks =D

Dec 31 '09, 5:46PM

ok a little weird i got naruto but... HE IS HOT IN SHIPPUDEN!!! I LOVE U NARUTO!!

shadowsnake0345 said:
Oct 13 '09, 4:54PM

i hate this quiz i agree with myself im also snake0345 i just put shadow in front of it

hybrid said:
Jun 11 '09, 11:51AM

Your Result: Sasuke Uchiha

Congradulations! You are the silent, solitary, strong and avengefull: Sasuke Uchiha. You won't let anyone stop you from your dream, killing your brother Itachi and avenging your clan, the Uchiha Clan. You are gifted with the power of the sharingan and you have the curse mark givin to you by Orochimaru.

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