which my little pony princess are you?

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Princess Cadence said:
Jul 3 '16, 11:17PM

Yay i got Cadance!

Mistytail said:
Mar 11 '16, 9:09PM

Your Result: cadence

you are caring and sweet. you are protective of loved ones,and sometimes nervous under pressure.you are very loving but wont let evil get in your way.

SherryBerry said:
Jan 9 '16, 10:35AM

I got Cadence, yay!!

Abcrab05 said:
Jun 16 '15, 3:18PM

Twilight sparkle yahoo! I love reading and books and love MLP and the mane six!

ac2332 said:
May 23 '15, 8:45AM

Woo Hoo Cadence!!!

Mooncookie said:
May 26 '14, 8:24AM

I wanted 2 b luna,NOT CADANCE

OmegaWolf9 said:
Feb 18 '13, 4:39AM

cadence :)

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