Which Merlin Character Are You?

Do you want to know which Merlin character you would be? Gwaine, Lancelot, Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, or Morgana? Find out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Which Merlin character are you? Are you couragous like Arthur, evil and devious like Morgana, fun loving like Gwaine, beautiful and nice like Gwen, selfless like Merlin, or bold like Lancelot? Come Find Out! :D

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
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3. Say you are in a school and you see someone being harrassed by a bully for lunch money they don't have. You-
leave them there-not my problem.
Go get help-someone must see!
stick up for them! They don't need that!
Take the lunch money for yourself
Stay out of it; you don't need that, too.
Go and punch the bully. Stand up straitaway and confront them.
4. You are playing a game with your friends, and someone comes over and asks to play. Your friends say no, but you don't want the person to feel left out. So you-
Yell at them to go away.
Tie them up and make them suffer!
gently scold your friends and invite the person anyway.
Send your friends a dirty look and go with the person
invite the person to play anyway, despite what your friends think.
Smile at them reassuringly and gesture for them to sit down, even though your friends groan.
5. You are walking on the street and someone tries to rob you. You-
Punch 'em back and show em who's boss!
defend yourself, but not attack back
defend then run and scream for help
stab them-you always carry a spare knife with you (just in case) and (for emergencies)
You punch them as hard as you can and then run
be robbed; the only thing you have on you is a couple of dollars.
6. you see a stranger carrying a heavy package. Do you-
trip him and laugh as he struggles
help him out even though he's a stranger
watch on wanting to help but do not act
Go forward and take the package completely, straining under its weight
ignore them; its their problem
smile and help him without asking if he needed it
7. You know someone is new in town, and they don't know many people.
Go and greet them warmly and help them get settled
Puch them and tell them they're a loser
Wanna go to the tavern?
shoot 'em-;like your knife, you always carry a gun
introduce yourself awkwardly and shuffle away
introduce yourself, show them around, but that's it
8. If you could have any power, what would it be?
Time travel
kill on glare
the ability to see the true nature of people
9. what is your favorite color?
Black: I hate bright colors. They make me angry! (Pulls off teddy bear head)
I like all of them on this perfect, beautiful world!
10. If you could be one Merlin character, who would you be and why?
Merlin- his kindness, and kickbutt awesome powers, baby!
Arthur: who wouldn't want to be a king?
Lancelot: He's strong, wise, and generally nice
Morgana: She is amazing with her aura of death!
Gwen: She's pretty....
11. When you see someone who is being hurt, you-
Participate in hurting them- Torture is my favorite pass-time!
Stick up for them, then after take care of them
Punch the person hurting them then pick the person up and run
Tell someone else-you shouldn't get involved physically.
Smash a beer bottle on the culprit's head- BAR FIGHT! Is your battle cry.
slink away- someone else will help, you decide.
12. Your little brother is bothering you about asking help with homework. Do you-
Throw the homework into the fire to burn-make him do it over again
immediatly help and give him the answers
help, but not after he tries a bit harder
You're a little too dizzy to help...You're a bit drunk, but you'll never admit it.
Help, but in a way so you're not GIVING him the answers- but subtle hints to guide him to it
13. You know someone is going to commit a crime, and has been plotting for months. What do you do?
Tell someone, hoping with false hope they'll believe you.
Why would you tell? You're the one commiting the crime!
Follow them even though it's dangerous, knowing no one will believe you and then it will be too late.
reveal the person even though you know no one will believe you, then believe your part is done
notify the police, and hope they aren't too late
Kill them before they can commit the crime
14. Your worst enemy is about to do something incredibly dangerous and stupid and it will probably get them killed. What do you do?
Tell someone and make their problem, but don't actually go to save them yourself
try to convince them not to, but if it doesn't work you wouldn't be sad they're gone.
Save them! even though they make your life hell
Are you kidding? I've been trying to murder this person for months!
I'd pray. I'm very religious, and I believe the Lord would save them.
Go with a bag of popcorn and a video camera to watch.
15. Your friend wants to participate in something so incredibly ridiculous. Do you-
Support them all the way, and even though you think it's silly, don't tell them your opinion for the sake of their happiness
Tell them you think it's stupid and that it's stupid to try out.
encourage them to try out, but scold yourself after they make a fool out themselves
Roll your eyes and walk away
take them to the tavern for a nice drink
Say they're a loser then whip them! (You got the whip for Christmas) :D
16. You are tied to railroad tracks. What do you do?
Eg, no biggie. I'll find a way out, somehow...
I'm confident my friends will save me.
I am afraid of death, not a train. Get it right!
Chew myself out! **Naw naw naw***
Think of a logical way to get out, like squirmin until the rope is loose. Yeah, I like that one.
17. Do you practice magic? (don't worry, it isn't illegal in this quiz) :D
Maybe...is the above statement guaranteed?
Uh.... ***runs****
18. Did you just answer the above question as "yes" because you wanted to get Merlin or Morgana? (answer truthfully)
Maybe...yes...I mean, no...

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