Which LandHand Character Are You?

I just made this for fun, it's nothing serious or deep. I have lots of original characters I've created throughout the year, and picked 6 for this quiz.

Are you a person that everyone wants to be like? Or a welcome mat everyone walks over? Or how about a lazy couch potatoe? Find out which character of mine you are the most like!

Created by: Meghan of LandHand
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3. You walk into your home and turn on the light, and suddenly all these people jump out yelling 'SURPRISE!' They've thrown you a surprise party! You...
Scream but then become cool again, and hurry to the presents!
Gasp and take a step back before fainting...
Startle but then laugh. You're touched by this act and start thanking everyone.
Go wide-eyed in fear and jump, but then realize what's going on and calm down. You thank everyone and say what a great surprise it is.
Furrow your brow and demand to know how they got in your house...
Smile before looking touched and sarcastically asking 'you did all this for me? You guys!!!"
4. A person is on the ground and being beaten. You...
Are the one doing the beating
Are the one being beaten
Wrinkle your nose in disgust, sigh, and keep walking
Stop to watch!
Try to calmly speak to the attacker and ask him to stop
Sneer in anger, before going over from behind the attacker, and punching and yelling at him.
5. You ordered a cheese pizza and are craving to eat it, but the delivery boy comes an hour late. You open the box to find your pizza cold, messy, and that it's topped with pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, and sasuage. You...
Stare at it dully before shoving the box back at the pizza boy. You curse and yell at him, and say what horrible service this is! You're not paying!
Take in a light breath before smiling a little at the delivery boy and telling him that this isn't what he asked for, then wait for a response. He might have a good reason for his mistake, and/or may be having a rough night.
Stick your nose up at it and drop it at the delivery boy's feet. You tell him you're going to sue the pizza company it came from, and close the door on him.
Hesitantly be to say it's not what you ordered, before feeling guilty and saying that it looks great. You give the delivery boy a tip and thank him.
Show the pizza to the delivery boy and tell him, calmly, that the pizza's in horrible condition. Plus its late and not the kind you wanted. Can he go back get you what you asked for? If not, thanks but no thanks on the cold pizza.
Look at the pizza and smile, "oOoo this looks great!" You then throw the open box at the delivery boy and call him an idiot, loser, dumb-a--, things like that. You warn him to leave before you shoot him. And take the pizza with you!
6. You're ideal date with the person of your dreams, would be at...
An awesome club where you'll party together all night long!
A five star hotel room suite where you can eat, drink, and go in the hot tub, before going to the best part, the bed...
A quiet place in the country, where they'd have a picnic, horseback riding through beautiful trails, and end the date with star-gazing
A beautiful island resort where you have an amazing meal, have great live entertainment, and get both fast and slow dancing. with your date. Then perhaps you two will ditch the crowd, and sneak off to go skinny dipping in the ocean...
A cute restaraunt on the river, followed by live theatre featuring a romantic comedy classic
you're home, where you'd have a home-cooked meal, wine, and then cuddle together on the couch while watching a fun movie.
7. What is your opinion on using violence?
It's bad and scary!
It's childish and should try to be avoided
It's not the only way, but it's the easiest way!
It's the only way! Talking things out is for losers.
Use your words, not your fists. Fighting doesn't solve anything, it 's just a temporary solution.
It's improper and stupid, but at the same time, it can really work.
8. You are good at...
Being lazy and proud!
Being perfect in every way
Working with kids
Encouraging and helping others work out their problems
Doing manual labor
fighting and killing
9. You want to...
Make the world a better place
Have a friend
Find your soul-mate
Have power and money
Have beauty and youth
Be famous
10. Someone knocks on your door. You open it and see that its a masked man in black, who has a gun pointed at your forhead. He tells you to give him all your money and valuables, or he'll shoot you and take it himself. You...
Tell him that he doesn't want to do this, and show compassion towards him. You say you could help him.
Nearly faint, beg for him not to kill you, and do what your told!
Sneer at him and tell him there's better ways to make a living, but you give him your money.
Scream, before arguing with him and telling him to get lost.
Stay calm, look around nervously, and ask him if all of them were going to raid his home. When he turns his head to look for 'them', you snatch and raise his wrist and quickly yank the gun away, before shooting the man with it.
Warn the guy that he's messing with the wrong person, and try to scare him off with threats and bluffs.
11. You had to take a pop quiz, you most likely...
Did...eh.. ok on it...
Failed horribly
Got an A+
Made a fun design filling out the bubbles
Did pretty well, to your surprise
Didn't even take the quiz
12. When an really old friend comes to visit, you greet him with...
A quick little hug
A 'hey man!' and slap on the shoulder
A pretty smile and friendly hello
A huge bear hug!!
You just look at him a moment, confused at why he's here, before saying 'Oh...hi... Didn't expect to see you".
A handshake and invitation inside

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