Which Hunger Games Character Are You?

Do you love The Hunger Games Series. Well than you will love this quiz that accurately tells you who you are most like in books 1 and 2. I love this series!

Are YOU a superfan of the Hunger Games Series? Than you will love this quick, easy quiz that will decide who you are most like in books 1 and 2. Will you be Katniss or Gale, Peeta or even President Snow? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Jack
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. If it was your birthday and in your house you had the Following to eat: A loaf of stale bread, A duck, Katniss roots, and leftover cold turkey stew. Which would you eat?
Every Thing, I don't care if we starve this is my birthday!
The Loaf, the duck and the roots.
The Cold turkey stew and the duck.
The loaf of bread.
The Duck and Katniss Roots.
A little of everything!
4. Do you like the idea of the hunger games?
Yes, It's the only way to stop uprisings.
I don't care because i'll never get picked at the reaping.
No, it's horrible the way innocent kids die.
I do if it was the peacemakers and the people in the capitol dying instead of us.
5. How many tributes should be in the Hunger Games?
24, the system works well.
12, One from each district.
48, The more the better.
6. Which weapon would you choose in the Arena?
A Knife, Sword, or Dagger.
A Bow and Arrows.
A Mace or Club.
An Axe.
Anything I can.
7. What is Your Favorite District?
1/2 I love the riches and popularity.
3/4 The Career Group here I come!
5/6 We always have a chance!
7/8 Handy with Axes and Hammers!
9/10 We are important but not very athletic.
11/12 We struggle but always play hard.
8. Would you live in the Capitol if you could?
Yeah, Party Time!
Yes, no more hunger.
Maybe, if I could bring my friends and family.
No, I like where I am.
Never, I hate those guys, the farther away from President Snow the better!
9. Would you start a rebellion against the Capitol even if it means your death?
Yes, one should never fear death.
Sure, where do I start?
No, too risky.
Never, "I'm too young to die!"
10. If you won the hunger games, what would be the first thing you do?
Celebrate by having a large dinner at the Capitol!
Schedule interviews for yourself.
Go home and spend time with your family and friends.
Sleep and rest.
11. When you won the hunger games what talent would you have?
Painting and artwork.
Designing Clothes.
Arranging Flowers and decorating.
12. If you were Katniss who would you most want to marry?
Neither, someone else.

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