Which House Md Character are you?

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Endergal said:
Dec 3 '14, 10:38AM

it doesn't work...

Jenny101 said:
Aug 13 '14, 1:15PM

Omg I'm house!?! I really really love him. Haha love you house. Awesome quiz, just awesome.

icinoddness said:
Feb 7 '12, 1:09AM

I got Foreman, Awsome!

Pretender said:
Mar 27 '11, 1:21AM

I'm the snarky b------ Dr. Gregory House. I reality i'll be the 7th generation of neurosurgeon on my family legacy and i am only 15 goin to be 16 and im already schedule to take the MCAT next week Yay I cant wait

ClarinetsRock said:
Dec 22 '10, 12:53AM

I'm Dr. James Wilson! YAY! I love Wilson. :) He's so loveable and awesome! I'm totally like him. x) I'm like House's only true best friend, which I am to alot of people. And I can be nice, but I'm a House under the surface, so watch out. I don't mind the gay rumours. Only Me and House know the truth. lol. And I got Foreman as a close second! WOOT!!! :D

demonasakuun said:
Nov 26 '10, 10:46AM

^^ House, naturally.

Gay? Off-subject, inaccurate. ^^

Da*n, my leg hurts - I'm not kidding, my knees, ankles and feet will often pain me for no apparent reason.

...espec ially the right knee that I cracked in late June, and various parts of my left foot that feel like I am being stabbed with a splinter - of bone perhaps? O_O

bigbunnyfan said:
Aug 30 '10, 2:33PM

Ok, Chase might be supremegahot and have an accent to die for, but he kissed a nine-yr old with leukemia. Am I the only person who finds that kind of disturbing?!

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