Which House doctor are you?

Are you competitive, aloof, a genius or an opportunist? Based on the popular TV drama, "House" here's how you can find out. There are various parts to our personalities and this quiz taps these sides of ourselves that we see onscreen. Some of us relate to them and some of us wish that we could be more like them. This is how you see where you stand.

The medical drama from Fox has generated enough buzz for this quiz to make sense to most of the people. Even if it doesn't, the questions are easy, relevant and not-too-show-based. You'll enjoy the result whether or not you've seen House M.D.

Created by: Mahwash of Blogged.
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2. What is your gender?
3. Your boss thinks you need a little backbone. Your response is:
I ... guess I do.
Who? Me? Didn't I just punch him yesterday?
Probably. He doesn't know me enough.
If I had more backbone, I'd probably have a tail.
I could use his advice.
Whatever you say!
4. Your friends are having a little reunion. They've asked you to bring with you something that best represents your achievements in the past five years. You bring.
A picture of your award case at home. And a home video explaining all about these awards.
Yourself. You're proof enough.
You don't go to these reunions. They're pointless.
Your Nobel prize.
Your famous homemade pies.
Your kids. They've turned out to be as screwed up as you are.
5. It's time to work extra hard at the office because it's the heavy season. But one of the kids is sick. What's the first thought that comes to your mind:
I can't believe this is happening to me NOW.
Oh God. I love my kid to pieces. To hell with work.
He's five. He can take care of a little cold on his own.
I wonder if I can get a day off at work.
I'll probably be fired. But who cares.
He's probably faking it to get more attention.
6. People are good because:
They like to think that they are good.
They like other people to think they are good.
They like to help other people.
Humanity is filled with countless examples of goodness. We don't always need a REASON!
They need to survive in this society.
They like to think that it's a pretty good world. So being good helps them adjust.
7. Survival is about
Not being a hypocrite.
Not being the last one to arrive.
Not being a jerk.
Not being a loser.
Being socially acceptable.
Being morally upright. As much as you can, anyway.
8. Your greatest strength is:
9. If your life would be turned into a movie, it'd be:
"A Beautiful Mind"
"Never Been Kissed"
"A Walk to Remember"
"The Godfather"
10. Your favorite way to concentrate is:
sit in the corner of a marketplace and see everything around you.
music and a steaming mug of coffee
exercise and more concentration
careful consideration
11. You're a superhero. What's your superpower?
Zapping people with pepper spray when they're bugging me.
World domination.
World Peace. And I mean PERMANENTLY.
A slick tongue that makes villians forget all about their evil plans and get sucked into my vortex of diplomacy.
12. What is the worst that can happen if you commit a crime without anyone noticing?
Absolutely nothing.
You won't be able to live with yourself.
As long as no one's watching, I'm good to go.
If the crime is for a good cause...
Who cares if anyone's watching. Where's the money?
What kind of a question is that! Have you no morals, people!?
13. Your pet would be:
a group of your favorite juniors.
no time for pets.
I get too attached with animals. Would rather save myself the hurt.
a cheshire cat.
a fish.
I don't like pets.
14. Life is never fair. What's your way of coping with it?
Suck it up.
I don't really think too much about this crap.
Fight back.
Emerge victorious.
Let it be.
What's it to you?
15. Your favorite music and why.
Classical. I like nothing less than the best.
Rock and roll. I want to lose myself in the noise.
Ballads. I love Elton John.
Disco. Because that's when I stopped having time for it.
Opera. I like those big halls.
Pop music. It's what everyone's into.

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