Which Hero from "Heroes" are you?

Humans are no different from any other creature. They love, live, kill, and evolve. New steps in evolution have been taken, and people with extraordinary powers have been discovered.

Which Hero are YOU? The psychotic serial killer? Invincible cheerleader? Stoner who paints the future, or time-travelling office worker? Take this quiz, and in minutes you will know who you are most like in this world.../

Created by: Josh Ball
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. You witness a theft. You
Pretend you didn't see anything. Its not your business.
Use your powers to stop him instantly.
Kill the theif if he stole from someone you know.
Kill him anyway.
Try to do the right thing without getting too involved.
Help any way you can, especially if she's hot.
4. Someone kidnapped a loved one. You
Go back in time to stop it.
Follow the kidnapper, and kill him.
Stalk him.
Make others not worry about it.
Buy a gun, think about the mess of your life, and kill the first person you suspect is involved.
5. Someone found out about your powers! What do you do!?
Kill them.
Freak out about it.
Go into hiding with family or freinds.
They won't be of concern for very long...
It doesn't bother you at all.
6. What do you use your powers for?
Good and Justice!
Your own Good
Good in General
Your own benefit
Killing people...its is my passion.
Its more of a reflex
7. How do you exact revenge on somebody or thing?
Gain their trust, then when you're inside, destroy them.
Silently infiltrate them, and mutiny suddenly.
Rip open thier heads, and torture them.
Shoot them.
Hit them in the face.
Revenge isn't noble, and should be done only when necessary.
8. Do you fear death?
Of course I do!
I've done that before, no big
I inflict it, it is my tool.
I came back after it happened once...
*Stays Silent*
9. Where did you grow up?
The desert, like Texas.
New York.
A carribean island.
An asian island in...asia!
Yatta! Japan!!!
10. You are told you must do something that you find unfair, disturbing or morally gray. What do you do?
Follow orders, until the time is right...
Fight whatever it is the are saying to do
I take NO orders. I answer to NOBODY.
Overcome it if it is for the greater good.
11. What is your ideal power?
Absorbing other powers
Mind tricks and seeing the future
Teleporting and time travel
12. What is your current job?
office worker
repair stuff
Star in adult movies on the internet
I have to kill you if I tell you

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