Which Greek Mythology character are you?

I'll beat you like greek mythology. If so, this is your quiz! Click on me to find out what kind of character from Greek Mythology you are!! Or, you might not be mythology at all!!

Are you Zeus? Hermes? Poseidon? There might even be some characters in here you haven't even heard of, but are!!! Please leave comments, IM LONELY!!! This is a product by Nathan Inc. do not copy my company name or I will find you. You will die. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Sorry, I went overboard there.)

Created by: Nathan Inc.
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. you promised that you would look after your friends favorite music CD for the weekend, but you accidentaly thought it was bread, and put it in the toaster, =). What do you tell your friend?
I would never lose something like that, I bring it back to my friend, safely
I tell him the truth.
Dog ate it.
I run away, in shame.
use the sea to form another one
steal another CD from the music store!
4. There's an evil in this world and it's going to overthrow the Gods of Olympus!!! What do you do!!???
Hurl lightning at them!
Scream, "What are we gonna do!!!"
summon the power of the sea, and crush the impending doom!
send several bolts of death into the atmosphere, and cackle as they all perish!!
I AM the evil in this world to overthrow the Gods! thus, I destroy them, and become the new ruler!!!
5. There are love rumors floating!!! What's your position in the love rumors?
spreading lies, making people break up, and fall in love with others
The guy who just can't stop talking about himself.
Proud, confident about what others think about me.
6. You have just been triple dog dared to eat dog food out of a hobos belly button!!! What is your reaction?
No way!!! Im not gonna eat that!
Sure, I mean, I rock, right? I can do anything.
I put salt water in the dog food to make it taste better.
I zap the guy who thought up of the dare.
7. whats your favorite color? (Does effect your score)
I dont have a favorite color
8. You have been challenged to take down a mega-aggresive beast!!! WDYD?
What doe WDYD stand for?
I defeat it with ease. It's called a S-W-O-R-D
I back down from the challenge in shame.
I zap the beast with lightning
I make the beast fall in love with me, then kill it in a surprise attack.
I summon a flood, and it kills it.
9. ZOMBIES ATTACK!!!! What's your favorite way to kill them?
10. You just broke up with your gf/bf, how do you deal with the situation?
Cry up a flood
Zap my ex.
cry, but not a flood!!!
Use my devilish good looks/powers to make them come back to me!
Get jealous, and kill my exs new gf/bf
11. Yay I just need a couple more questions!
Well... HURRY UP!!!
No! I want this quiz to last forever!!!
It IS lasting forever nimrod!
Is too.
*pickpockets fighting losers*
Yes!!! everyone loves me. Even the same gender.
I took a quiz here to find out.
No, I am cool.
No, but im heroic!
Yes, but I'm jealous of others
13. FINAL QUESTION!!! How do you feel about death?
I collect souls.
Don't think about it
Im emo, cant wait!!!
I am immortal, I cannot die! Unless all I stand for dissapears of course!

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