Which Fountainhead character are you most like?

The characters Ayn Rand created in her novel The Fountainhead all have distinctive attitudes towards life, resulting in different actions and attitudes... All of these characters are compelling and their interaction tells an amazing story..

Have you wondered which character from The Fountainhead you are most like? If so take this quiz to find out... Are you most similar to Dominique Francon, Howard Roark, Ellsworth Toohey or Peter Keating?

Created by: Thomas
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3. If you saw a perfect statue, that portrayed a heroic person, what would your reaction be?
I would fall in love with it, acquire it through any means, and then destroy it so no one else could ever see it.
I would admire it for what it is, a portrayal of man as he could and should be.
I would make a slightly altered copy and pass it of as originality.
I would hate it as it implies that everyone should be heroic, art should reflect the common man, who is not heroic.
4. Who are you most likely to love?
Someone who loves me because of my greatness, but tries to destroy me because they feel the world defiles my greatness.
An uncompromising, selfish, egoist who shows no emotion in the bedroom, but a cold dominant ownership.
The only person I wouldn't have sex with, who is modest, always their for me, and loves me unconditionaly.
The broad masses of humanity, and those in pain and the needy. Love of one person for virtues others may not posses is a selfish bourgeoise illusion.
5. Who would you marry?
The person I love.
Someone I despise, as a way to destroy the person I love.
Who do you think I should marry?
I don't beleive in the institution of marriage, it promotes a selfish love of one person over all others.
6. People should work to...
Pursue their own happiness.
Destroy greatness, so that it isn't defiled by others seeing it.
Please others.
Destroy greatness, so that it doesn't defile the mediocre by being better than it.
7. If someone asks your opinion of what career they should pursure, what are you likely to say?
You've made a mistake by askig anyone but yourself, but I would say, do whatever it is you feel passionately for.
What do I care... Just, if your great at it, I will admire you, sleep with you, then try to destroy you.
I don't know, what career do you think I should pursue?
Something that will help serve society, but not what you feel passionate for, you must sacrifice your passion to serve fully.
8. Which of these are you most likely to say?
But, I don't think of you.
I destroyed it so no one else would ever see it.
What would you like me to do?
Greatness? What is greatness but an insult to those who do not posses it?
9. Sexualy you...
Want the person you love.
Thought you were indifferent, untill you fell in love, now everyone but them repulses you.
Would sleep with mostly anyone but the person you love.
Think sex is not that important to you, but any perversion is acceptable.
10. You preffer:
The city.
The countryside.
11. Which best describes you:
A selfish egotist.
An altruist
A selfless reflection of others.
12. Is your life your own?

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