Which Fairy Talent are you?

Have you heard of fairies? Of Tinker Bell and her friends? What type of fairy do YOU believe in? What type of fairy do your friends believe? Or do you not believe in fairies?

I believe in fairies--Never Fairies, the kind with talents. Now, take my quiz, and we shall determine, with magic and quiz, what your talent would be if you were a fairy.

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If you were a Fairy, what would your power be?
I'd be able to fix ANYTHING!!!
I would have a very good green thumb. And poison ivy.
Water. Lots and lots of water.
I'd be able to light up the world!!
Cute adorable animals like bunnies!!!
The ability to get out of anything!! Innocent me!
4. What is your idea of magical revenge?
Hitting people on the head with a hammer without touching the hammer
Strangle them with vines! Poison ivy vines!!!!
Drown them! Or at the very least, maybe drench them in the middle of winter!
Blind them, then burn them alive!
Send evil, heartless bunny rabbits to attack them
Trap them in the middle of a hurricane!
5. What's your favorite color?
Metallic, green or lime
Red, pink or magenta
Blue, lavender or turquoise
Yellow, white or orangish-red
Brown, dark orange or orange
Black, gray or indigo/purple
6. Which fairy would you want to be most like?
Tinker Bell or Fairy Mary
Rosetta or Lily
Silvermist or Rani
Iridessa or Fira
Fawn or Beck
7. Which of these is your favorite flower?
Anything really, especially roses and tulips
Water lily
Daffodil or Daisy
8. What's your style?
Oversize T Shirt, ripped up jeans, tennis shoes.
Tight fitted t-shirt, skinny jeans with holes in knees, Converse or high heels
Swimsuits or halter tops with a little skirt or cover-up
Bright, cheery clothes that almost everyone likes
Simple or fake fur, animal prints
Black leggings, beaded jewelry, black eyeliner and tank top
9. What accessories do you wear? If you're a boy, select the "No Jewelry" option.
No jewelry, messy hair.
Perfectly combed hair, sunglasses, bracelets, belts.
Abalone-shell anklet, blue fingernails, ponytail
Sunglasses, charm bracelet with sunshine and smiley-face charms
Leather, macrame or woven bracelets, braided hair
Layers of beaded bracelets, hair hides face
10. What do you do on a typical summer day?
Play with little mechanical doodads and screws or help my dad fix car!
Water the garden, then add ferilizer
Take the bus to the swimming pool for your daily practice
Catch fireflies, play flashlight tag, sleep outside
Catch bugs, go on nature hikes
Argue, argue, argue!!!
11. What's your favorite kind of book? If you don't read books pick your fave genre of movie, if you don't watch movies then boo hoo.
Mechanics/science books on how stuff works
Books about girls, gardening books, fashion magazines
Books about Oz and other places faraway- hope to go there someday!
Books about underground cities like Ember, or books about the future
Animal care books, adventure books, vet books
Books about zombie cheerleaders!! Or Twilight!!!
12. Did you like this quiz/Tinker bell? This will not affect your answer.
I love Both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liked quiz. Hate Tinker Bell.
Like Tink. Hated quiz.
Hate both. Not meaning to be negative.
Really really hate both, do mean to be negative
Wasn't paying attention. I was bored.
13. Why did you take the quiz? This doesn't affect score either.
To find out what talent I am! Of course!
I was bored.
Chose random quiz to take, ended up with this
Honestly don't know why.

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