Which dog breed are you most like?

There are many dogs in the world. Siberian huskies, golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, and Border collies name a few. Also, wolves are in the world as well, untamed but in the canine family, loyal to their pack and scared of humans.

But which dog are you? Are you the galloping golden? The lazy Labrador? The bouncing Border? The strong Siberian? The wild wolf? Or are you a normal human being, even deep down. Till now you could only wonder which dog you have deep down. But take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Dogcrazy
1. What is your age?
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3. Your new owner is putting a collar on you. What do you do?
I grab the collar in my teeth and try to chew it to pieces.
I bolt away with a toy in my mouth, inviting my owner to play.
I sit still while they put it on. Playing can wait.
I start to quiver and eventually give in to the urge to go outside and see if there's a squirrel.
I don't have an owner, and what the heck is a collar?
Um, I might be this owner putting the collar on the dog.
4. You and your owner are going for a walk. You don't like the leash, so what do you do?
I start to grab it in my teeth and chew on it.
I start to wind it around my owner's legs.
I keep walking. I'll get used to it.
I squirm and wriggle and pull and lag behind, trying to pull it out of their hands.
I TOLD YOU ALREADY I DON'T HAVE AN OWNER!! And what's a leash, anyway?
I'm the owner walking the dog.
5. It's snowing outside! What do you do?
Sit near the door, wondering if I should ask my owner to go out and romp or just stay in.
Fly to my owner, whine for them to follow, and stand in front of the door.
Snuggle deeper into/onto the couch/bed/floor/dog bed.
Dash to my owner and get them to open the door, then practically fly outside, romping in the white snow.
Are you kidding? I practically sleep in that stuff!
I do what most kids do when they see snow-I dash outside and have snowball fights!
6. Your owner-to-be is coming by your litter to check you out. How do you respond?
I bound out there, squirming and licking their hands while smelling every inch of them.
I dash back and forth between their legs until I get tired.
I run over and lick and smell them.
I look at them, then leap on them!
Um, if a human came by our den, I'd probably try to make myself scarce.
Why would somebody be coming over while I was a little kid to check me out?
7. What's your favorite breed?
Border collie
Golden retriever
Labrador retriever
Siberian husky
I like wolves better then dogs
*Thinks of favorite breed*
8. What sort of attitude do you have towards humans?
Depends on if they're a stranger or friend or neighbor.
9. Your owner is petting and scratching you. What do you think?
"When are you going to stop this so I can run around?"
"When are you going to play with me?"
"Ahhh....this feels good-more to the left, please. Higher. Higher..."
"Let me out!"
Come ON! Do you actually think I'd let a human touch me? No way!
10. Do you bark a lot?
At sheep, yes.
Eh..eheheh...yeah. *blushes*
When I wanna go out.
NO WAY! What kind of lunatic do you think I am?!
11. Where would you most like to live?
In the country, in open fields.
In the suburbs, in a large pen.
Wherever my owner is is alright with me!
Somewhere in the mountains.
In a very large forest.
12. You're lost! What do you do?
I start to run all over the place, frantic.
I try to pick up my scent.
I go to someone's doorstep and scratch on the door.
I run around until I get tired, then I go to the nearest person.
If I strayed off of the territory, I'd sit down and howl.
I'd go to the police and ask them to take me home.

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